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Guides and Reports for B2B eCommerce and CRM

  1. B2B eCommerce guides covering every aspect of building and enhancing digital customer experience.

  2. White papers on B2B commerce trends, key drivers, opportunities, and challenges within the market.

  3. Guides on using Oro products to tackle specific business issues.

  4. Latest B2B reports and forecasts by leading market experts and top analysts.

Download Our B2B Guides

Check our growing collection of downloadable B2B guides:

MVP Approach to B2B eCommerce: A Comprehensive Guide

Many brands are cautious about making the move to digital commerce. This paper helps you understand how to ease your way into the new technology with the help of a minimum viable product (MVP) approach.


Understanding the Next Wave of eCommerce: Guide to Enterprise Marketplaces

This guide was created by OroCommerce and Novalnet to help you recognize the power of a marketplace to transform your business model and determine if operating a marketplace is right for your company.

Post Pandemic

Business Continuity Checklist for B2B Commerce in the Post Pandemic Environment

Disasters affect every business differently. What stays the same is the decision making process and strategy, and this reopening checklist for businesses is designed to guide brands through the recovery process.

Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Replatforming

This guide covers all the stages of the ecommerce replatforming process: starting from identifying replatforming is necessary to the actual plan of action for your migration and post-migration stages.

The Chameleon Criteria for CRM System Selection

This guide shows how the right CRM integrates into your existing IT structure to provide the functionality forward-facing and back office staff need to ensure a smooth customer journey.

Workflow Automation Engine and Its Impact on B2B eCommerce Digital Transformation

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn about automated workflows, how they benefit your business, and why flexible workflows are essential for B2B digital transformation.

Our guides and reports for B2B eCommerce provide unique materials that help your business make better strategic decisions, become more aware of market changes, build a better online presence, and enable your B2B business to thrive.

We know better than most that technology evolves, competition gets tougher, and customers demand better experiences. That’s why the Oro team is committed to regularly analyzing and sharing industry relevant data distilled into concise and insightful guides for you to use.

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