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eCommerce for Industrial Products Suppliers

State-of-the-art eCommerce made specifically for industrial distributors, manufacturers, and retailers
eCommerce for Industrial Products Suppliers
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Grainger’s digital channels account for nearly 80% of their total sales.

But the majority of the industrial products eCommerce industry is still in its infancy. Only giants like Amazon Business, Fastenal, and Grainger are rapidly growing their digital presence providing proof that industrial buyers want to purchase online. If you’re involved in industrial eCommerce B2B or plan to grow in this market, you can’t afford to sit on the sidelines.

Key Benefits of an Industrial eCommerce Platform

  1. Grow Your Sales

    Move to adjacent markets and expand your product offering

    • Industrial eCommerce suppliers need an impactful online presence that grows leads and cultivates return customers. Launch SEO-friendly websites or B2B marketplaces that are available 24/7 from any device and grow leads on auto-pilot.
    • Build large catalogs consisting of multiple product libraries. Display products in configurable format (also known as matrix format) and help shoppers easily customize their batch orders consisting of different variations of the same product.
    • Segment customers and market relevant products to them controlling visibility of the ones they don’t need. Increase customer satisfaction, average order value, and build the best industrial products resource around.
    • Make forays into new markets and verticals. Accommodate all customers regardless of their preferences for language, currency, and payment options – and manage it all from one admin panel.
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    Move to adjacent markets and expand your product offering
  2. Improve Customer Experience

    Offer personalized experiences that set your brand apart

    • Help shoppers find what they’re looking for with powerful search. Allow customers to search and narrow industrial product results by item, part number, description, SKU, and other product attributes.
    • Make life easier for customers with a personalized self-service portal. Provide access to up-to-date product and pricing data available to them 24/7 from any device.
    • Support business requirements of any type with multi-level, permission-based access to industrial catalogs. Simplify the buying process with intuitive ordering and checkout sequences, as well as shipping options customized specifically for them.
    • Streamline the negotiation process for large purchases. With RFP, CPQ and QTC workflows and eCommerce automation built in, there’s no need to switch platforms to negotiate, coordinate, and track contracts. Make it easy to reorder, purchase in bulk, and simplify complex approval processes.
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    Offer personalized experiences that set your brand apart
  3. Automate Your Business

    Decrease manual functions, eliminate errors, and save costs

    • Sell your industrial products to customers in various niches and markets. With multi-site and multi-organization capability, your sites stay independent while centralizing backend processes such as access roles, contracts, payment options and reporting.
    • Eliminate time-consuming data entry with automation engines for product information, prices, negotiations, and promotions. Manage quotes and contracts on the fly, and focus on helping customers instead of mundane tasks.
    • Bring CRM data into your B2B eCommerce platform with built-in integration with OroCRM or easily integrate via API with any other CRM of choice. Build custom reports using our robust reporting engine and Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce integration.
    • Break down data silos and maintain a single source of information with industrial eCommerce solutions from OroCommerce. Pull and synchronize data from your ERP, CRM, eCommerce PIM, WHMS, marketing automation tools and other business systems.
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    Decrease manual functions, eliminate errors, and save costs
  4. Future-Proof Your Business

    Become a destination for the future industrial buyer

    • Start off with a rock-solid infrastructure and maintain a leading edge in the competitive industrial products industry. OroCommerce’s robust API supports PWA and headless eCommerce implementation.
    • Give customers peace of mind and remain at the forefront of privacy and security standards. OroCommerce is compliant with directives such as GDPR and CCPA; PCI DSS certified, and SOC2 Type 2 audited.
    • Grow your revenue across multiple business models running in parallel. Build, expand, and maintain agility while selling B2B, B2B2C or D2C.
    • Look into the future with confidence and build your industrial products business without technical limitations. Forget about switching platforms due to limitations on the number of SKUs, stores, API calls, and team members allowable.
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    Become a destination for the future industrial buyer

Industrial Distributor Success Story

Established in 1986, Gala Imports supplies glass containers to small and medium-size manufacturing businesses, handling thousands of SKUs including high-grade glassware used in pharmacy, homecare, and food storage applications.

Read the Success Story

B2B Industrial eCommerce
Lays the Foundation for Growth

Gala Imports, an industrial products supplier, utilized OroCommerce's B2B-focused eCommerce and ​marketplace website features to take their online selling presence to the next level.


Increase in Conversion Rate



35 000


"Thanks to OroCommerce's unique B2B features and exceptional flexibility, we're increasing our online sales, building brand loyalty, and creating convenient, personalized shopping experiences for all our customers."

Andrew Albrow

Managing Director at Gala Imports

Why Choose OroCommerce for Industrial Products

B2B ecommerce for distributors - faster time to market

Start selling more, faster

Get to market faster and diminish your time to ROI with a ready-made B2B eCommerce storefront and mobile website. Go live in mere months with a robust solution that’s within your budget and customized for your needs.

Scalable and enterprise-grade b2b ecommerce platform from orocommerce

Leverage every growth opportunity

Spend less time worrying about your software capabilities and more time scaling your business. OroCommerce supports unlimited products, catalogs, teams, and customers. An extensive API and integration list make it easy to add extensions and customizations.


Designed for B2B duty

OroCommerce comes with a robust set of B2B-specific features out-of-the-box ready for any industry vertical or business model. These features are a solid foundation for a B2B portal of any complexity from multi-branded industrial distributors site to personalized shopping experiences for every customer.


A 600,000+ strong ecosystem

Countless experts contribute to our open source solutions, making them a more stable and secure option compared to proprietary applications. Choose from a community of top developers and designers and build an eCommerce solution that’s truly yours.


Native CRM integration

Track customer activity and make smarter marketing decisions with a built-in enterprise-grade CRM system. OroCommerce comes included with OroCRM for a 360° view of customers, anywhere and anytime.


Around-the-clock support

We value our clients. That’s why they benefit from live around-the-clock support. We also offer access to free resources like documentation, case study reports, videos, and a vibrant community.

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