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Increase Visibility and Conversions with Smarter B2B eCommerce Solutions

Capture high-quality leads with modern B2B eCommerce and CRM
Increase Visibility and Conversions with Smarter B2B eCommerce Solutions
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Over half of B2B buyers believe personalization is key when searching for online suppliers. The majority of B2B customers are also millennials, consuming content from digital channels at an ever-increasing rate. Digital is getting the bulk of the marketing budgets, whether industrial, distribution, or digital marketing for the manufacturing industry.

To attract and retain the new generation of buyers, you must have full visibility into user behavior and customer journeys. A modern eCommerce solution integrated with enterprise-grade CRM is crucial to capturing high-quality leads and succeeding in today’s competitive environment.

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How exactly will Oro
improve my marketing?

  1. Generate & Nurture

    Don’t lose track of the leads you produce

    • Boost your traffic with a mobile and SEO-ready self-service portal that is open 24/7.
    • Market to customers more effectively with powerful segmentation tools. Build personalized storefronts with unique discounts, products, and prices that are relevant to your audience.
    • Launch new promotions, product introductions, and targeted campaigns with ease. Reuse page elements such as sliders, banners, buttons, and other design elements with intuitive widgets.
    • Wow your B2B buyers with stellar digital experiences offering them personalized purchase workflows with multiple levels of permissions if needed, custom payment and shipping options and ability to instantly place an order as well as negotiate its price and terms.
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    Boost your traffic with a mobile and SEO ready self-service portal
  2. Analyze & Plan

    Build better business intelligence with comprehensive centralized data

    • Stay on top of sales, product, and customer data. Integrate existing systems such as ERP, CRM, eCommerce PIM, WHM, and eProcurement or build custom connectors with Oro’s extensive set of APIs.
    • Keep data accessible across multiple sub-brands. Maintain separate hierarchies, departments, offices, and geographies while keeping visibility into KPIs of each organization.
    • Build custom reports using internal as well as external data right in your eCommerce dashboard. Follow campaign performance and capture every marketing, sales, and eCommerce metric to see what works and what doesn’t.
    • Keep track of user activity, customer journeys, and identify where customers get stuck or lost using the integration with Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce. Make the right moves on specific actions such as repeat pageviews or abandoned carts.
    • Integrate your eCommerce website with marketing tools such as Mailchimp and dotdigital as well as with CRM of choice to strategize and execute your most ambitious marketing plans.
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    Analyze & Plan
  3. Stay Agile

    Test new initiatives and expand your reach

    • Never miss a hot business development opportunity or a demand spike again. Roll out new marketing initiatives, landing pages and whole eCommerce sites from scratch faster than your competition.
    • Quickly adapt to changes within your industry with the collective power of open-source. Leverage a community of contributors, developers, and technology partners in Oro’s ecosystem.
    • Feel safe about the future of your business with a platform able to scale, grow and change with you. OroCommerce and OroCRM allow you to switch between any selling models, including B2B and B2C, B2B2C, B2G; as well as leverage any new use cases such as headless eCommerce and PWA scenarios.
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    Stay Agile

Success Story: Saltworks Improves Customer Experiences with Oro

Saltworks, a gourmet salt manufacturer from the US, unifies their B2B and B2C customer experiences and gives their marketing teams the power to easily customize and launch personalized campaigns.
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saltworks marketing page
Oro stood out to us because, out of the box, it provided solutions we had fought hard to shoe-horn into our previous platform. The stability and reliability of that as the basis for was incredibly important to us.

Peter Noonan

(ex-)Marketing Manager at Saltworks

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