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eCommerce for Medical Supplies and Healthcare Organizations

Futureproof your business with a solution tailored for the complexity of medical supplies eCommerce
eCommerce for Medical Supplies and Healthcare Organizations
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Due to increasing healthcare expenditures and technological advancements, the medical supplies market is predicted to grow to $432.6 billion by 2025.

To compete in this rapidly growing market, manufacturers and equipment sellers require medical eCommerce tools designed for the needs of the healthcare industry. Making the move online with a medical B2B platform is the only sustainable way to keep customers happy, increase sales, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency.

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Key Benefits of a B2B Solution for Medical Equipment eCommerce

  1. Increase Sales

    Grow your customer base and expand your market share

    • Set up a medical equipment eCommerce website and start selling medical supplies via an easily discoverable online, SEO, and mobile-friendly online store. Provide transparency into the ordering information and inventory status. Offer industry-specific catalog, pricing, and payment options and keep your funnel filled with new incoming leads.
    • Reach customers wherever they are. White-label manufacturers, OEMs, and distributors need eCommerce for medical supplies to reach their audience effectively. Regardless of the industry you’re in, offer your customers exactly what they need.
    • Easily expand to new locations and industry areas with a global medical and healthcare eCommerce platform able to service multiple companies and sites, and support numerous languages, currencies, and location-specific payment options.
    • Gain control over what and how much you sell. Health product regulations vary between industry, country, state, and region. Thus, the ability to limit product and service visibility based on customer location facilitates your expansion to new markets.
    • Ordering medical equipment shouldn’t be full of friction. Offer personalized experiences through unique online portals to buyers from different verticals and practice areas with catalogs, pricing, and shipping tailored to their needs. Reduce churn, improve customer experience and satisfaction, and increase revenue.
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    Increase Sales in medical with orocommerce
  2. Improve Customer Experience

    Boost sales and increase your average order value

    • Unlock your sales team’s potential. Build a customer-facing self-serve online portal tailored to your industry. Free up your medical device sales from mundane tasks and focus on meaningful interactions with your leads, customers, companies, and partners.
    • Online customers search first, ask questions later. Simplify the customer journey when evaluating your products and services. Offer them a powerful search engine with autocomplete functionality and the ability to fetch results by product name, attribute, description, SKU, and other identifiers.
    • Accommodate every customer’s requirements. Give your B2B customers multi-level, permission-based access to medical device eCommerce catalogs, ordering, and payments. Fine-tune your offerings with the most relevant promotions and cross-sell recommendations.
    • Make negotiating orders an intuitive process. Request for Quote (RFQ), configure price quote (CPQ), and quote to cash (QTC) workflows are seamlessly integrated into your eCommerce platform. Negotiate, conclude, and track contracts in one place, so that it’s easy to encourage customers to re-order products and services when it’s time to replenish stock.
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    Improve customer experience in medical with orocommerce
  3. Automate Your Business

    Reduce your costs and improve operational efficiency

    • Automate your online medical equipment sales. Shake up your industry and sell products and services in a new way with medical eCommerce. By enabling your customers to order 24/7 from a personalized online eCommerce medical devices portal, your order handling costs are cut tenfold.
    • Keep in close touch with your audience. Power up your sales and marketing team with an industry-grade CRM system seamlessly integrated with your medical B2B platform and available on the go from any mobile device.
    • Streamline your internal processes. Manufacturers, equipment sellers, or service providers can save time and money with automation. Use eCommerce automation to design your workflows, so that crucial processes such as contract agreements and negotiations never go wrong or result in lost deals.
    • Manage multiple sites, companies, and organizations. Build complex and independent websites and divisions mirroring your organizational hierarchy. Launch a B2B marketplace for healthcare supplies. Maintain accurate data on each brand or performance of sub-division.
    • Centralize data and integrations. Keeping your systems such as ERP, WHMS, and CRM in sync with a modern API-friendly medical device eCommerce platform breaks data silos within the company, improves communication between departments, and eliminates costly human errors.
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    Automate your business in medical with orocommerce
  4. Future-Proof Your Business

    Build a future-proof online medical supplies business

    • Be ready for the future. Have the capabilities and features that you need now and tomorrow. Grow your online presence without fearing the need to re-platform, or worrying about website performance issues.
    • Embrace the complexity of your business. Choosing a platform able to support equipment sales via B2B and B2C, B2B2C, B2G, or a medical B2B marketplace, OroCommerce makes sure you can stay flexible and easily diversify and shift markets and selling strategies.
    • Scale and grow effortlessly. When it’s time to grow, you shouldn’t have to wonder if your medical equipment eCommerce website is capable of handling more traffic, customers, or products and services. Build shopping experiences more customers will come back to.
    • Roll out medical equipment faster. Growing or shifting to a new market is difficult. Double the speed of implementing new technology, quickly react to B2B trends and grow sales with medical supply eCommerce.
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    unlock new markets in medical with orocommerce

Medical Supplies Success Story

Midway Dental Supply scales a full-service medical distribution business with OroCommerce

Midway Dental, a dental supply and medical equipment company that services Indiana, Michigan and Northeastern Illinois, utilized OroCommerce and its ​online marketplace features to implement an online B2B2C portal. Midway grew their eCommerce medical supplies catalog from 40,000 SKUs to over 80,000 in one year.

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midway dental ecommerce

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How OroCommerce Beats the Competition for the Medical Supplies Market

Decrease time to ROI and time to market

Start selling on your own online medical device eCommerce website. Appeal to your industry and offer equipment and customer service your customers want. Get a fully functioning medical eCommerce storefront and mobile experience up and running fast. With transparent pricing, you know your costs upfront. Build the solution you need within the budget you have.

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Built for your business

From B2B to B2C or B2B2C, whether you’re looking for an online order management system or a B2B marketplace, you’re in the right hands. OroCommerce is built for your medical equipment business. Tell us your eCommerce goals and we’ll provide the tools to reach them.

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Creative and innovative community

Open source solutions provide companies with a more secure and stable alternative to proprietary software. Oro’s robust industry-grade ecosystem includes a creative and innovative community that speeds development while helping customers solve problems and fostering long-term relationships with partners and developers.

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An eCommerce CRM included

Whether you’re a practitioner, offering healthcare products and services, or an online reseller, you need to target your audience effectively. Get a complete 360° view of each customer and lead for free with OroCRM. OroCommerce includes OroCRM to support sales and marketing online and offline.

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B2B features right out-of-the-box

Spend less time customizing and more time building your online medical device business. Most B2B eCommerce features you need will be ready right out of the box. A flexible, robust medical eCommerce solution is the best way to scale your business on digital channels.

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Support when you need it

Build everything from an online manufacturers portal, medical equipment destination or a B2B medical supplies marketplace with confidence. We offer our enterprise clients access to 24/7 support. All OroCommerce users have complete access to a wide variety of resources and an active online community.

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Not sure where to start?

Use these resources to help boost medical devices sales with eCommerce

Free RFP Template For Evaluate eCommerce Solutions

If you know the medical supply business but is new to the eCommerce software business, picking the right solution can be intimidating. Download this free RFP template, customize it to your needs, and use it to guide your selection process.

Learn How To Move Offline Customers To Online Ordering

This guide shares best practices on how to overcome reluctance of your B2B customers to transition from the offline channel to the online one. You will find a step by step guide with examples and practical advice.

Workflow Automation`s Impact on B2B eCommerce Digital Transformation

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn about automated workflows, how they benefit your business, and why flexible workflows are essential for B2B digital transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions About B2B eCommerce for Medical Industry and Healthcare Sector

  1. What is the impact of eCommerce on the medical field and society?

    Overall, technology has a positive impact on the health industry. Advances in 5G, mobile connectivity, and wearable devices mean patients and health professionals are more digitally connected than ever. Technology leads to better treatment for patients, making it easier to monitor their health or recognize issues before they get serious.

    Everyone is investing in healthcare digital transformation, from manufacturers, pharmacies, hospitals, health systems, and medical equipment distributors. Digital commerce helps streamline sales, diversify revenue streams, and improve the customer experience. More specifically, medical eCommerce improves healthcare access, reduces costs, boosts efficiency, and maximizes value for all parties involved.

  2. What kind of laws and regulations are there for medical eCommerce?

    Security is a prime concern for the healthcare industry, considering that many players are just starting their path on digital transformation. Medical device businesses must approach their eCommerce, hosting, and any other technology selection process carefully, with consideration of both global and local regulations. Lastly, access to personal information must be safeguarded, with HIPAA a requirement for many medical eCommerce businesses.

    HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, a US federal law specifying how patient health information must be handled. In other words, it’s designed to regulate the use and disclosure of protected health information (PHI) held by health plans, health insurers, or any other medical service provider.

  3. How should an eCommerce platform comply with HIPPA?

    Your eCommerce medical supplies business must comply with HIPAA requirements if it deals with PHI in any way. When this information is stored remotely, organizations must introduce access and authentication controls and monitor access logs. Furthermore, they must enact and enforce reporting guidelines in case of a breach.

    OroCommerce complies with numerous security regulations, from SOC 2 certification to the PCI DSS payment data handling requirements. OroCommerce can also be deployed anywhere. This approach allows healthcare brands to comply with HIPAA requirements, whether they deploy on-premise or on HIPAA-compliant cloud.

  4. What are the security considerations in medical device eCommerce?

    Hospitals, institutions, and medical device companies face increased malware attacks targeting the supply chain and IT departments in healthcare. As the number of breaches and cyberattacks on PHI increases, B2B eCommerce security concerns should be top of mind for B2Bs in the healthcare industry.

    Everyone from medical equipment sellers to B2B supplies marketplace operators must follow security best practices. This includes password hygiene, encryption, segregation of duties, multi-layered access management, backup, and recovery. They must also keep on top of security patches, offer employee training, and stay updated on the latest threats.

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