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MVP Approach to B2B eCommerce:
A Comprehensive Guide

Many brands are cautious about making the move to digital commerce. This paper helps you understand how to ease your way into the new technology with the help of a minimum viable product (MVP) approach.

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    Who is this guide for?

    Building an online presence or switching platforms is a challenging process for any business. Common fears revolve around bringing new, unfamiliar selling methods, processes, and technologies. This guide helps alleviate these fears and demonstrate how an MVP can maintain customer focus, optimize development, and speed up your time to market.

    This guide will be helpful for:

    • Digital Channel Managers
    • Business and Product Owners
    • IT Executives and Managers
    • Marketing Directors and CMOs
    • Chief Executive Officers and Presidents

    Why download this guide?

    Businesses cannot afford to put off their entry into the digital market. Luckily, a digital presence doesn't have to be a high-risk, high-cost endeavor or take up years of development.

    This whitepaper explains the MVP's role in guiding you to your desired eCommerce experience. We'll go over the requirements and components of a successful MVP, how it helps you reach goals, generate adoption, and deliver promised results.


    The crucial role of an MVP in B2B eCommerce

    In Eric Reis' Lean Startup methodology, A MVP is defined as a version of a product that allows for maximum data collection and learning with the least effort. Discover how this approach to your digital strategy helps build the eCommerce experience that sets you apart from the competition.


    How to get started with a digital commerce MVP

    Before building your MVP, you'll have to define your customer and company goals. Then, plan out your MVP features that closely reflect these goals. Find out what features to focus on, how to prioritize them, and how to avoid building something that nobody wants.


    Most common elements in an MVP for eCommerce

    Businesses vary in shape and size and require an MVP that fits them perfectly. While no MVP is identical to another, some things are common to most successful MVPs in B2B eCommerce. We'll explain what elements make up a typical B2B eCommerce MVP and how they work together to give you the most value.


    Choosing the right platform for your MVP project

    Not every B2B eCommerce vendor can accommodate MVPs. Some are not agile or flexible enough; others do not offer the right frameworks or API capabilities to facilitate successful MVP creation. We'll discuss how to identify and select the right vendor for your MVP project.

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