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The New Net Terms Economy

4 Keys to Unlocking Access to Business Capital to Help Your Company Grow and Thrive
This whitepaper, written by business financing experts and OroCommerce partner Fundbox, gives readers an overview of the current state of trade credit for B2B and keys for business growth.
The New Net Terms Economy
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Who should read this whitepaper?

For decades, B2B commerce has been, in many ways, an alternate universe compared to B2C. If you’ve ever struggled with cash flow when purchasing supplies and inventory for your growing business, or had to handle approving buyers for credit, you know this all too well. This paper provides eye-opening data on the true burden of the Net Terms Economy on U.S. businesses, and 4 important trends that are causing massive change.

This B2B whitepaper will be most helpful for:

  • eCommerce Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Chief Executive Officers/Presidents
  • Chief Financial Officers or Finance Leads

What’s inside?

In today’s enormous “buy now, pay later,” IOU-focused Net Terms Economy, millions of U.S. businesses engage in trade credit relationships with their business partners. An eye-popping $3.1 trillion dollars are tied up in extended payment terms of trade credit on any given day. How will businesses disrupt the Net Terms Economy? By finding new B2B payment solutions that unlock access to trillions of dollars now sitting in accounts receivable. Technology is finally making this possible. We’ll walk you through the 4 ways technology is bringing about this change, and what it means for your B2B business.

Get On-Demand Access to Business Capital

A new, better Net Terms Economy requires accessible capital as soon as an order is captured and the risk assessment process is complete. By paying B2B sellers right way, capital is “unlocked” that would otherwise have remained inaccessible until a buyer pays their invoice off.

How to Perform Dynamic Risk Assessment

For buyers to gain trade credit, traditionally a B2B seller must go through a lengthy process to understand the creditworthiness of a new buyer. To provide nearly real-time B2B payments, dynamic risk assessment—so that underwriting happens fast, yet accurately—is a must.

Leveraging Better Repayment Terms

The net terms of a new, real-time B2B payments solution must provide benefits to both buyers and sellers. Sellers need to get their money quickly, while buyers want the opportunity to capture flexible terms which means they can make the necessary investments in their business to grow without disruptions to their cash flow.

Enable Financing at the Point of the Transaction

A new B2B ecommerce payment ecosystem requires the ability for buyers to get financing at the point of their need, within the context of where they are making the online transaction. If that is not available, and approval for net terms and trade credit is onerous, there will be more and more abandoned carts.

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