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Enjoy the Flexibility of Open-Source

Oro Let’s You Break Free from the Limitations of Proprietary Code
Enjoy the Flexibility of Open-Source
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Oro defies constraints. We believe that B2B businesses deserve solutions that empower them to grow, change, and evolve free from artificial restraints imposed by their software.

This is why Oro applications are built on open source technologies that are free from vendor lock-ins and provide the ultimate flexibility, accessibility, customization, and cost-effectiveness. Our community and the tens of thousands of installations of our products keep our products tested for bugs, security, and performance on a scale that is not achievable with proprietary solutions.

Enjoy the Flexibility of Open-Source

Find Out How the Oro Open-Source Approach Embraces Complexity

The open-source strategy makes Oro products more accessible, innovative, and secure.

Business Benefits

Our open source products provide exceptional transparency. When all code is exposed for any party to review, you benefit from:

  • Accessibility – There are literally no barriers to access. At all levels, the code is completely visible.
  • Stability – Support from not only the vendor but the developer community results in a product that is exceptionally stable.
  • Security – All users can monitor the code for bugs and hacks. Any vulnerability is quickly detected and corrected.
  • Innovation – The freedom to customize in any area fosters innovation. Create original solutions or borrow from the ideas of others in the community.
  • Scalability – When there’s no vendor lock-in, you can scale up and down to suit your needs.
  • Ease of integration – Oro open-source code is more compatible with other business solutions than closed-source code. Build your own integrations or use those in the Oro extension store.
  • Cost-effectiveness – Because you aren’t locked in with a single vendor for code, you can take full advantage of a competitive market for customizations and extensions or build them in-house.
  • Customizability – Proprietary software constrains your ability to customize. When the source code is open, you can create any customization your business needs.


Framework Benefits

Oro applications are powered by a Symfony framework. This ecosystem brings creates a tech stack with benefits such as:

  • Easy accessibility – Symfony is accessible to new and advanced users who find support within its community and from extensive documentation and SensioLabs training materials. It’s easy to work with the Oro framework.
  • Continuous improvement and security – The 600,000+ Symfony developer community keeps the framework secure and always improving.

Oro only works with LTS versions, so you enjoy an additional layer of security and stability in the tech stack.

Tech Stack Benefits

Oro applications are modular web applications created with PHP and leverage Doctrine ORM strengths. Oro open source solutions are built with a tech stack that delivers reliability, scalability, and responsiveness. Other tech stack benefits include:

  • Web server compatibility – Oro applications are compatible with most web servers, including Apache and Nginx.
  • Efficient data storage – Application data is stored in the PostgreSQL or MySQL relational databases.
  • Efficient application caching – Redis data structure utilizes an in-memory dataset for high performance.
  • Background processing – Asynchronous and integration processes handled in the background based on RabbitMQ message broker and scalable job consumers.
  • Superior search – Elasticsearch allows fast, scalable, and highly customizable search index, fuzzy search support, and control over relevancy and field boost (weight).

A Low Code Approach Speeds Time to Market

Oro applications enable site builders to customize the original application directly from the UI to reduce the complexity and time needed to deliver custom solutions. Each product includes:

Entity Manager

Entity manager enables you to work with both simple and complex data entities, including all entity attributes (fields) and relations. Easily enable standard CRUD pages for a new entity, and with the same ease, add new fields to an existing entity without the need for complex development.



Workflows organize and direct work, helping users follow specific steps in a pre-defined order or preventing them from performing actions that either contradict or conflict with the logical steps of your business processes.


Reports and segmentation

Reports and segmentation engines track everything from website revenues, sales pipelines, conversion rates, and more. Create any custom report based on the details of any entity available in the system.


ACL (Access Control Lists)

ACL (Access Control Lists) support complex, multi-level organizational hierarchies and limit specific data to authorized individuals. Control access to records and data directly from the UI.


Multi-layered configuration

Multi-layered configuration adapts the application to fit virtually any need, which especially suits complex B2B, B2C, B2B2C business hierarchies with several organizations and multiple websites.

The Oro Ecosystem


Solution Integrators


Community developers



Oro solutions, including an open-source B2B eCommerce platform and CRM software, operate in a rich ecosystem that includes integrations with technology companies like PayPal,, Akeneo, Contentserve, and many others. Oro products are supported by 40+ solution integrators, numerous official Oro partners, and over 40,000 community developers in 100+ countries.

This diverse community of customers, partners, and developers allows our products to be used and adapted to different verticals, industries, and countries while enabling us to focus on continually improving the code in response to community needs.

The Oro Ecosystem

Strong and enduring relationships are built on two-way communication. Oro supports the community through:


The Oro Academy, where developers and users can hone their skills and access basic and advanced training, tutorials, and self-led courses.

A team chat channel on Slack to ask questions and get advice from fellow community members, as well as Stack Overflow.

Online сomprehensive documentation assists users and developers and is free to access 24/7.

The Oro Ecosystem 2

Want to learn more about how Oro’s open-source approach can help your digital transformation? Explore these free resources.

Oro Documentation

Browse our comprehensive knowledge database. Learn more about the architecture and features of Oro products. Use guides for Developers, Business Owners, and Cloud operators to explore Oro behind the scenes. All Oro documentation is available online for free.

Download the copy

Oro Academy

Utilize Oro’s eLearning portal and access the courses, tutorials, and training available at OroAcademy. Gain in-depth knowledge of Oro products as you work at your own pace. From beginners to advanced users, you’ll find an extensive library of self-educational materials to help you sharpen your skills and increase your understanding of Oro products.

Download the copy

Hosting Oro On-Premise

This guide walks you through the process of building a safe and reliable infrastructure for your Oro products. Learn what impacts server loads, delve into security best practices for personally identifiable information, and understand your options for creating a scalable and highly available environment for your Oro applications.

Download the copy
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