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OroCommerce 4.2 LTS
Live Demo Webinar

The webinar is over but we provide the video recording on demand. This live demo will give you a firsthand look at major upgrades to B2B eCommerce features. Watch the video to learn more about navigation upgrades, an improved customer interface, new storefront features, and performance improvements.

4.2 lts live demo

Who should join?

OroCommerce is continuing to innovate the B2B shopping experience by helping our customers offer a better B2B eCommerce experience to their users. This live demo of OroCommerce 4.2 LTS includes navigation upgrades, an improved customer interface, new storefront features, and performance improvements.

This live demo is ideal for:

  • Current OroCommerce customers
  • Developers and integrators
  • Business owners and C-level executives
  • IT executives and managers
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Why attend this live demo?

In this interactive demo, you’ll get a detailed overview of the latest features of the 4.2 LTS release. Our leadership team will walk you through major innovations to the B2B buyer experience as a continued promise to our customers to provide a best in class B2B eCommerce experience.

We’ll discuss:


Enhanced User Experience

In order to help your storefront comply with ADA requirements and WCAG recommendations, we have made updates to navigation, commands, and controls that accommodate people with disabilities.


Improved Ordering Capabilities

We have supercharged the shopping list feature to make it faster and easier to work with thousands of line items. Customers can also apply changes, notes, and updates to items in bulk directly in their shopping list.


Content Editing and Previewing

With our new preview function, you can now preview changes for your single or multiple webstores before you go live. The preview function is also available for localized websites or personal sites that are designed for certain customer groups or individual customers.


API Improvements

The API sandbox now has additional resources to make it easier for developers to test applications. Numerous improvements have been made to enhance the experience for both developers and customers.

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