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Sharing insights on the product roadmap and what is coming in OroCommerce.

OroCommerce version 4.1 LTS

Improved CRM and eCommerce integration

  • eCommerce dashboard widgets utilizing OroCommerce data
  • Mapping transactional and workflow-triggered emails to appropriate contexts so that they are visible as email activities on the customer, customer user, order, quote, request, account pages
  • Improved navigation and data exploration on the customer, customer user, and account view pages (e.g. you may start creating a quote on a customer user page while the necessary contextual data is automatically filled out in the form)
  • Out-of-the-box email templates to embed quotes directly into an email text
  • An extended lead-to-opportunity-to-quote-to-order workflow
  • An out-of-the-box quotes management workflow for quote acceptance, negotiation, and other interactions on the storefront

New CMS capabilities

  • Full support of source editing to allow an IT department to publish HTML content generated by 3rd party tools
  • The ability to upload and easily link to images, PDF attachments, and other types of content files
  • Various content widgets, such as a configurable image slider, embeddable categories, individual products and product segments
  • Improved content filtering for simplified restriction management (i.e. you may easily preview which pages are available to the specific customer, customer group, etc.)

Setup & Administration

  • Improved management of product attributes and entity management tools
  • The ability to have full separation of all commerce data in a multi-organizational setup
  • Additional localization improvements

Technology & Developer Experience

  • Upgrade to Symfony 4.4 LTS
  • Extended API, additional configurations and improved authentication methods to simplify integration with enterprise-level middleware & enterprise ERPs


To see a full list of features available in OroCommerce 3.1 LTS please visit our features page.

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