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Sharing insights on the product roadmap and what is coming in OroCommerce.

OroCommerce version 5.0 LTS

Line Items UX and Performance

  • Optimization of the performance and user experience of working with hundreds of line items in RFQs, quotes and orders.

Import / Export

  • Extended coverage of the out-of-the-box data imports to ensure that all product data can be imported via flat files without having to utilize API or UI to fill the gaps.
  • Export/import of product visibility settings.


  • Out-of-the-box templates for brand pages and navigation by brand.
  • Simplified aggregate and range filter views.
  • Fine-grained control of filters (sorting order, type and sidebar/top position) both on web-catalog and master catalog category levels.
  • Guest user browsing performance and JavaScript optimizations.

Product Catalog and Content

  • Product bundling and product kits.
  • Reusable content templates.
  • Preview of content widgets.

Office365 Addin

  • Tasks synchronization.
  • Calendar events synchronization.
  • Context search and links.

Technology Updates

  • Upgrade to Symfony 5.4 LTS.
  • PHP 8.x (latest security release), PostgreSQL 13 / MySQL 8, ElasticSearch 8, NodeJS 16, Redis 6 and MongoDB 4.4 will become the new minimum required versions (pending timely releases by the respective vendors).


To see a full list of features available in OroCommerce 4.2 LTS please visit our features page.

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