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Sharing insights on the product roadmap and what is coming in OroCommerce.

OroCommerce version 5.1 LTS

Product Kits

  • Management UI to configure items included in product kits.
  • Storefront product configurator and checkout flow updates to support kit purchases.
  • Export/import and API updates.

Search Result Management

  • Management of search terms, stop-words and synonyms within the back-office UI.
  • Configuration of search result pages for different search queries – the products and additional content to be displayed based on specific search query.
  • Sorting and prioritization of products in search results and general navigation.

Organization Restrictions

  • Developer-level configuration to restrict maximum level of permission management available to admin users within organizations of different types.
  • Feature toggles per organization types.
  • Optimized in-organization UI to allow management of a limited subset of system configuration options.
  • Ability to use restricted organizations for 3-rd party sellers in multi-vendor marketplace scenarios.


  • Stripe payment integration

Technology Updates

  • PHP 8.2 (latest security release)
  • NodeJS 18
  • The specified versions of system dependencies will become the new minimum required versions pending timely releases by their respective vendors.


    To see a full list of features available in OroCommerce 5.0 LTS please visit our features page.

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