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France, Singapore, Vietnam, China

Clever Age

Silver partner Oro Trained

Our positioning is 100% digital. Our experts in interactive communications, technical architecture and production infrastructure operate at every stage of the production chain. Our customers have therefore teams of more than 250 Web professionals assisting them on their strategic projects coordinated by experienced project managers undertaking a proven methodology. Since the creation of the company in 2001 we exclusively work on The Web and mobile projects.

The growth of the company has always been done in keeping with our three founding principles:

  • Independence: we advise our customers in the strategic choices they can make with no external pressure whatsoever.
  • Monitoring: our field requires us to maintain a continuous «informed» monitoring in order to set convictions to prevent our customers from heading to the wrong path and to seize opportunities.
  • Durability: our goal is not to «make one shot» but to implement long-term efficient solutions.
Solution Partners
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