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B2B eCommerce Guide

Product Information Management in B2B eCommerce

For many B2B commerce businesses streamlining operations, automating data processes and minimizing human error in product information still remains a challenge. This paper explores how a PIM system can help you reach success in your eCommerce business.


Who is this whitepaper for?

As the B2B eCommerce landscape gets more competitive, businesses must stay on the cutting edge when it comes to growth. Yet for many, streamlining operations, automating data processes and minimizing human error in product information remains a challenge.

To better appeal to these challenges, B2B sellers need to consider the role of Product Information Management (PIM) in streamlining product information and building long-term customer relationships.

B2B sellers cannot afford to ignore rising customer expectations. In order to drive sales, business leaders must place the customer first – that means giving them an eCommerce experience with enriched product information and a purchasing experience that will stand above the rest.

This whitepaper is excellent for:

  • Sales / eCommerce Managers
  • CMOs, Marketing Directors
  • CEOs, Business Leaders
  • IT Executives and Managers
  • Business Owners

Why download this whitepaper?

Modern buyers are on the lookout for ease, convenience, and speed. B2B sellers should not underestimate the role accurate product data plays in the shopping experience. 

This whitepaper explains the trends shaping B2B eCommerce and how these trends are driving the need for PIM. We’ll also introduce you to PIM and its capabilities, list important evaluation criteria for your next PIM solution, and how a B2B distributor achieved success with a B2B eCommerce platform integrated with a PIM solution.

pim b2b eCommerce trends

The importance of PIM systems in B2B eCommerce

Sellers are expected to provide accurate product data across customer profiles, devices, channels in the face of a competitive selling environment. We’ll share what trends to expect in B2B eCommerce and what is driving the market for PIM.

b2b sellers

Benefits PIM offers to forward-thinking B2B sellers

Every business is different, and their product content and management functions aren’t alike either. We’ll explore the changing nature of B2B businesses and how PIM systems help resolve pressing problems of eCommerce, now and in the future.


Top PIM features every B2B eCommerce seller must consider

If you’re new to PIM, you’ll want to understand how it can help your eCommerce business. We’ll identify what capabilities you should look for in a PIM solution to ensure smooth integration with your B2B eCommerce platform.

pim and ecommerce success stories

A B2B eCommerce and PIM success story

Digitization is a challenge for most businesses. Learn about how one distributor harmonized product data with a PIM solution while unifying multiple B2B operations with a purpose-built B2B eCommerce platform.

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