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B2B eCommerce Guide

Business Continuity Checklist for B2B Commerce in the Post Pandemic Environment

Disasters affect every business differently. What stays the same is the decision making process and strategy, and this reopening checklist for businesses is designed to guide brands through the recovery process.

Checklist for B2B Commerce

Who is this checklist for?

While businesses may be reopening, the impact of COVID and the economic repercussions will be with us for a long time. What’s more, every business will have a different strategy and course of action that gets them out of the crisis. 

Organizations large and small must take decisive action now to inform stakeholders, maintain relationships, and keep themselves ahead of the curve. This business reopening guide is designed to help brands develop positive habits and patterns to quickly get them back on track.

This whitepaper is excellent for:

  • CEOs, CFOs, CMOs and Leadership Team
  • Business Operations and Development Managers
  • Sales, eCommerce and Marketing Directors
  • Human Resources Directors and Managers
  • IT Executives and Technology Professionals
  • Other Business Leaders
post-covid business reopening guide

Why download this checklist?

Uncertainty around the severity of the pandemic, governmental responses, and differences between businesses makes planning difficult. We found that the best way businesses can respond to reopening is by separating their efforts into three broad categories:

Immediate plan of action, with focus on surviving, maintaining existing value chains, and doubling down on existing relationships; Extended plan of action, where monitoring and adapting according to conditions takes precedence to quick reactions; and Proactive plan of action, analyzing and pursuing long-term opportunities presented by unprecedented times.

01 People

Your company isn’t a company without human assets. Whatever strategy you take, your plan must provide for these assets first. Use this COVID continuity checklist to drive functional initiatives for productivity, innovation, and growth.

02 Operations

Leadership often gets sidelined with short-term goals, fear of failure, or operational bottlenecks. A crisis only exacerbates this situation. This reopening guide for businesses helps everyone maximize flexibility and work together effectively.

03 Finance

The financial strategy must address the organization as a whole while focusing on core activities that generate value and profit. Use this COVID continuity guide to help you maintain solvency and build a solid financial foundation for the future.

04 Supply Chains

Building supply chains for the future means more than optimizing inventory and service levels. This reopening checklist can help build resilience, flexibility and sustainable relationships while continuing to innovate and diversify.

05 Marketing

While marketing initiatives can be constrained by lack of time, data, or even executive support, they can yield high rewards. Use this reopening checklist for COVID to make the right marketing moves in an uncertain environment.

06 Technology

Digital operations and initiatives must be reassessed to provide mid- and long-term value to your employees, stakeholders, and customers. Use this post lockdown checklist to ensure you maximize technology during recovery and beyond.

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