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Essential Guide to Product Data Management in B2B eCommerce

Use this guide to understand product data management better, identify opportunities to improve product data management, create a product data management strategy, and examine the results of real companies effectively using product data management.
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Essential Guide to Product Data Management in B2B eCommerce 1
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Who Can Benefit From This Guide?

Product data management is important to more than just your technology team.

This guide benefits individuals with a wide range of responsibilities:

  • Business Owners and Brand Executives
  • C-Suite Members
  • Digital Channel Leaders
  • IT and Technology Teams
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What you’ll learn by reading this guide

Product data must be standardized and integrated effectively to be useful. After all, it is the building block for highly effective digital customer experiences. Getting the right product data in front of the right eyes at the right time requires careful product data management.

What are the costs associated with building and buying a b2b ecommerce platform

Data is foundational

Rich customer experiences are built on data. Standardized, integrated, and free-flowing product data is necessary for the frictionless buying journey modern B2B purchasers demand. We cover how product data should be used to create omnichannel experiences and the dangers of allowing good data to go bad.

What should you consider in the Build-vs-Buy decision for b2b ecommerce

When product data management is crucial

A product data management strategy should be in place from day one. Unfortunately, most companies don’t consider how product data should be managed and maintained until one of several triggering events highlights a problem with data. Learn how to anticipate these key events and how you should respond.

alternatives to building and buying b2b ecommerce solution

Eliminating friction

Do you know how to interpret customer behavior to identify sticking points? Friction is the antithesis of excellence in customer experience. Discover how to identify and remove the friction caused by poor product data management.


Developing an effective product data management strategy

Getting product data standardized and flowing requires a strategy. Learn how to break your objectives into tangible goals, identify the elements of the ecosystem, data sources, processes, and responsibilities, and create a visual representation.

When should you build and when should you buy a b2b ecommerce platform

Product data management in action

Read how real-life companies are creating and executing product data management strategies to improve their success in B2B eCommerce. See how companies as varied as technology wholesalers, HVAC distributors, and truck and fleet parts and service providers are using product data management to improve customer experiences, meet rising customer expectations, and manage growth.

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