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Release Notes

OroCommerce is the Most Flexible Open-Source B2B e-Commerce Application

OroCommerce 1.0.0-beta.1

We are excited to announce that we now have the first Beta version of OroCommerce available. This new Beta 1 version contains the following features:

Corporate Customer Accounts

With OroCommerce you can easily create customer accounts and user records for your customers. The accounts can be grouped together and organized to reflect the organizational structure of your large customers. You can create as many levels of business units, teams, departments, local offices and international branches as necessary under each corporate account. Also many user management functions can be delegated to selected employees of your customers. For example, you can allow them to manage individual user records, create logins for new employees, manage roles and permissions of other users, manage global and individual address books and other information they have on file.

Price Lists

OroCommerce provides a price management tool that can be used to create and maintain multiple price lists, with a virtually unlimited number of prices points and price tiers in multiple currencies. You can make selected price lists available to individual customers, customer groups, and websites.

Catalog Management and Personalized Catalogs

With OroCommerce users can easily optimize the catalog management interface for themselves based on their daily tasks and responsibilities. They can select what information should be included in the data grids, and what attributes, price lists, currencies and prices tiers they need to see.

OroCommerce also gives users the ability to create and manage custom, personalized catalogs according to the needs of specific customer groups or even individual customers.

Quote Creation and Order Management

The built-in quote creation tool can be used by the sales personnel to create customer proposals. It allows to use custom pricing, add shipping estimates and include extra offers that are not normally available in your catalog.

The order management tool allows to see the orders submitted by your customers and create new orders. You can also edit the contents of the existing orders, override prices and shipping cost, apply different payment terms and provide additional discounts.

Store Front-end

OroCommerce features a template-based default frontend theme with a customizable design that allows to easily brand the user experience. Various self-serve functions can be enabled on the store frontend based on the merchant preferences. Multiple catalog views allow to optimize user experience for different usage scenarios.

Quick Order Form and Shopping Lists

The quick order form allows customers to work on large orders in an efficient manner using search by product SKUs and names, or import their purchase lists into the system. Customers can work on multiple orders simultaneously and they can easily switch between different shopping carts or start new orders at any time.

Payment Terms and Credit Card Processing

OroCommerce comes with a pre-built PayPal integration that allow merchants to accept all major credit and debit cards and use their own merchant accounts for payment processing if necessary. Merchants can also allow selected customers to use payment terms.

Customizable Workflows and Checkout Experience

OroCommerce checkout is a fully configurable workflow-based process that can be customized in different ways. The checkout experience can be optimized independently for B2B and B2C customers, and it can be easily augmented with additional steps based on the requirements of individual corporate customers.

Please follow these instructions to install the application or try the OroCommerce public demo.

As always, we would love to get feedback along the way through either GitHub, email, or the OroCommerce forum.

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