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Release Notes

OroCommerce is the Most Flexible Open-Source B2B e-Commerce Application

OroCommerce 1.4.2

List of fixed issues and improvements

  • Fixed Error when using dictionary field filter on virtual relation field
  • Fixed Missing tool-tip for Google Integration Settings
  • Fixed Running oro:message-queue:consume is interrupted mysql errors
  • Fixed Incorrect Emails owner and activity lists context association
  • Fixed Error when adding order by virtual field on segment
  • Fixed Blocked inbox folder because invalid email
  • Fixed Updated mailchimp lists are not synchronized
  • Fixed Mailchimp integration bug: didn’t sync values of some merge vars
  • Fixed Autocomplete not working for emails that has more than 25 symbols.
  • Fixed Incorrect Marketing list results for entities with repository condition
  • Fixed Broken upgrade from last 2.0.23 to 2.3 version
  • Fixed Management Console > Content field validation on the Content Blocks creation page
  • Fixed Management Console > Payment Term field validation on the Quotes and Order creation page.
  • Fixed Message validation in activity section from submit for review, decline, approve forms
  • Fixed Price List UI breaks when editing Price Calculation Rules
  • Fixed Product listing images are not displayed in case instance in subfolder
  • Fixed Error at upgrading to 1.4.1
  • Improved Websocket availability on http port via path
  • Improved Export any grid/report/segment performance should be optimized
  • Improved Enter coupon code in Order in the Management Console

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