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Release Notes

OroCommerce is the Most Flexible Open-Source B2B e-Commerce Application

OroCommerce 1.6.1

List of fixed issues and improvements

  • OroPlatform and OroCRM have been upgraded to 2.6.1 version
  • Fixed wrong calculation of order totals
  • Fixed wrong subtotal value for UPS with surcharge
  • Fixed empty configurable product can be added to RFQ
  • Fixed a lot of sql queries from oro_scope table
  • Fixed Product Import: Avoid duplicated queries FROM oro_price_rule_lexeme
  • Fixed matrix popup cannot be displayed in the shopping list
  • Fixed Adding Warehouse: duplicated queries from oro_website
  • Fixed Price Import: missing batch website reindex in import process
  • Price Import: missing batch price list cpl resolve processing
  • Fixed Price Import: missing batch recalculation for checkout subtotals
  • Fixed Price Import: possible duplicated Website reindex messages
  • Fixed Price Adding: Adding new price to website leads to unparalleled job to process all products
  • Fixed macOS, iOS & Safari – if use "back" button in browser then page is not available
  • Fixed Filters of the grid – filters of multiselect type are not work
  • [Security] Fixed missing validation for product attributes fields
  • Fixed Quick Search special characters should be escaped
  • Fixed RELATED and UP-SELL products are not available to add to Shopping list
  • Fixed price rule expression fails when string attribute compared with numeric value

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