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Release Notes

OroCommerce is the Most Flexible Open-Source B2B e-Commerce Application

OroCommerce 1.6.37

List of fixed issues and improvements

  • OroPlatform and OroCRM have been upgraded to 2,6,37
  • Fixed All Orders grid view doesn’t work
  • Fixed Product catalog is missing pricing attributes
  • Fixed decimal separator in prices does not work in non-English locales
  • Fixed low performance of available routes caching for slugs
  • Fixed Quick Order form. Not able to add products in quick order form with translatable product units
  • Fixed wrong currency symbol in taxes on order editing
  • Fixed Product name and description are not translated in payment system
  • Fixed the "Close" label is not translatable in the dialog form
  • Fixed some labels are not translatable
  • Fixed Create Customer User page. Types label is not translatable
  • Fixed "Cancel" button does not work for Draft Quotes in some edit modes
  • Fixed disable focusing in disabled quantity input on quote acceptance page
  • Fixed Submit button on quote acceptance page is active even if product has insufficient inventory and back-orders are disabled
  • Fixed Checkout can’t be completed with PayPal Payflow Gateway payment method if website guest access is disabled
  • Fixed No validation of non-default content variant restrictions
  • Fixed Coupon entry field is displayed in checkout started from quote

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