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Release Notes

OroCommerce is the Most Flexible Open-Source B2B e-Commerce Application

OroCommerce 3.1.2

List of fixed issues and improvements

  • Improved CC expiration date validation
  • Fixed shopping list subtotal can be out of boundaries
  • Fixed validation highlight for "Confirm Password" on User creation
  • Fixed can’t create new Content Node in global organization
  • Fixed cannot accept consent with content node without landing page
  • Fixed cannot switch store frontend theme when using Redis cache
  • Fixed consent landing page cannot be viewed if the guest access is disabled
  • Implemented key-value cache for slugs when Redis is configured implementation
  • Fixed PayPal Credit Card form. Autofill settings are present in the "CVV" field
  • Fixed cannot start checkout with a new Customer User Role
  • Fixed cannot finish single page checkout with Authorize.Net payment method
  • Fixed Order History page. Product name is not localized
  • Simplified login page management
  • Fixed Login page and Backoffice menu are broken on French language
  • Fixed guest adds product to new shopping list instead present one
  • Fixed changing shipping methods does not trigger payment methods update on "Single Page Checkout"
  • Fixed "Delete" item is visible in mass actions drop-down menu on Address Book datagrid if Delete permission on Customer Address entity is set to None
  • Fixed configurable product attributes disappear from order view line items after grid refresh
  • Fixed filter by Status criteria disappears after refresh of Account/RFQ storefront page
  • Fixed filter by Status field has incorrect autofill settings
  • Fixed impossible to create Customer datagrid view without Payment Term field
  • Fixed import with csv file saved in UTF8 with BOM
  • Fixed role selector not available on customer user creation in global organization
  • Fixed sub folder installation. Wrong links from email
  • Fixed Customer User cannot accept consents in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed tooltips for returning to other steps linger on checkout page
  • Fixed upload icon missing in WYSIWYG on sub folder installation
  • Fixed German edition downloads wrong German translation
  • Fixed wrong Quote entity in "quote_created" notification when quote was created from another one
  • Fixed long words German edition break the page layout
  • Fixed invalid link in the second registration confirmation email
  • Fixed SEO fields are rendered as single line inputs on edit forms
  • Fixed Tax in Order Totals is not clickable without the page refresh
  • Fixed Country and postal code validation errors break address form layout on storefront
  • Fixed deleted product blocks all other products to be rendered
  • Fixed cannot create customer users in community edition
  • Fixed 404 page is not styled with application theme
  • Fixed wrong matching items for applied promotion
  • Fixed Delete button is not visible for entity unique keys
  • Fixed Payment methods with same names mask each other in payment rule editor
  • Fixed PayPal integration name and express checkout name cannot be distinguished
  • Fixed 404 error for favicons manifest.json
  • Marked ProductCollectionDefinitionConverter service as public
  • Fixed new fields not displayed on Backoffice brand page

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