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Release Notes

OroCommerce is the Most Flexible Open-Source B2B e-Commerce Application

OroCommerce 3.1.3

List of fixed issues and improvements

  • OroPlatform and OroCRM have been upgraded to 3.1.3 version
  • Fixed wrong fallback label in website configuration
  • Fixed enter coupon code on Front Store feature
  • Fixed can submit form with removed consents
  • Fixed default content variant restrictions cannot be removed
  • Fixed impossible to choose enums with uppercased codes for configurable products
  • Fixed ACL/Create Customer – Website from another organization is available
  • Fixed Grid Filters – Text representation of filter state missing
  • Fixed the label "In Shopping List" does not scale properly on the product view page
  • Fixed tooltips edit and delete on hover are not translated
  • Fixed missing thumbnails on product details page on mobile
  • Fixed translation strings are cached on Checkout
  • Removed mapping validation check for search configuration
  • Fixed untranslated labels in "Add Event" pop-up
  • Fixed names of product page templates are not translated
  • Fixed incorrect processing of text quotes in shopping list names
  • Implemented Relevant Filters
  • Fixed cannot create or edit addresses in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed demo data cannot be installed when system locale is not en_US
  • Fixed Product and Category Image Placeholders
  • Fixed customizable roles available as guest and default roles for website
  • Fixed duplicate email notifications on manual and automatic quote expiration
  • Fixed no consents tab for new customer users in backoffice of community edition
  • Fixed missing storefront main menu images

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