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Sales Performance and Productivity with a B2B eCommerce Platform

Increase your team's collective sales acumen with B2B eCommerce and native CRM
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Sales Performance and Productivity with a B2B eCommerce Platform
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Over three-quarters of B2B customers describe their purchase experience as difficult. That’s no surprise, as with more information, options, and people involved in the buying process, customer journeys can get complicated.

The new B2B buyer wants the freedom to research and make purchase decisions on their own; choosing to reach out to a sales rep less than 50% of the time. Strong eCommerce and CRM solutions are essential tools for B2B sales teams to guide the customer buying journey while effectively managing their own sales processes and operations.

sales performance with b2b ecommerce

How can OroCommerce help sales teams?

  1. Reach Goals

    Spend less time selling and more time engaging customers and leads

    Today’s buyers want more options, solutions, and the freedom to self-serve.

    • Provide completely customized self-serve B2B portals to digitize routine transactions and order processing, freeing sales staff to build and strengthen client relationships. Let your website do the selling while your sales team does the closing.
    • Get full visibility into your customer base with a native CRM. Monitor your prospects and never lose an opportunity with a set of sales productivity tools available out-of-the-box.
    • Build accurate forecasts and exhaustive sales dashboards with a robust reporting engine that follows the funnel and the pipeline.
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    Spend less time selling and more time engaging customers and leads
  2. Get Productive

    Digitize the routine and share the data

    When you automate processes and break down data silos you just get more done.

    • Automate the RFQ workflow and utilize a powerful pricing engine so every quote is priced correctly every time. Easily track quotes through the contract negotiating stages and close more deals.
    • Centralize data so all sales team members have the latest information on products and pricing. The entire team works more efficiently while providing accurate information improves credibility with prospects.
    • Access all customer data wherever you are, even on the go. OroCRM and OroCommerce provide a seamless mobile user experience for sales reps and managers alike.
    • Set personalized pricing rules and discounts that are automatically calculated and updated.
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    Digitize the routine and share the data
  3. Scale and Grow

    Future-proof your sales operations

    Pivot on a moment’s notice to new markets and business models with an eCommerce platform that grows with you.

    • Expand to new locations digitally utilizing the multi-language, multi-currency, and multi-organization capabilities of Oro solutions.
    • Manage multiple companies, branches, or brands with one platform. Get KPI visibility into each particular area with the convenience of one back-end.
    • Easily grow accounts as team members work more productively.
    • Quickly onboard new team members by empowering them with automation tools
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    Future-proof your sales operations

Success Story: Petra Streamlines Sales with OroCommerce

Petra Central automates their sales and takes their 10,000+ e-tail and retail partners’ experiences to the next level with OroCommerce and OroCRM
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petra example
We have worked closely with Oro to develop a platform that gives our customers a modern and efficient purchasing experience. Oro is a good foundation to build out whatever we need on our eCommerce site. PetraCentral™ has the convenience of consumer ecommerce sites but is specially designed to suit the unique needs of our customers’ businesses.

Josh Williams

Director of Marketing at Petra

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