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B2B eCommerce for
SAP Business One

Grow your business by seamlessly integrating SAP B1
with the #1 B2B eCommerce platform!


Why OroCommerce is Perfect
for SAP B1 Customers

How well your ERP and eCommerce applications are connected will directly impact the success of your business’s digital transformation. By choosing OroCommerce for your SAP Business One eCommerce solution, you will enjoy:

  • Rapid implementation of your online store
  • All B2B features out-of-the-box
  • Self-serve capabilities for customers
  • Single view of customer, product, inventory, and pricing
  • Easy, cost-effective setup due to a fully-developed SAP Business One connector
  • Synchronization of business processes
  • Productivity boost for sales teams

What Do Our Customers Say?

Main Features of B2B eCommerce for SAP Business One Integration

A seamless, bi-directional eCommerce data integration between your SAP B1 and OroCommerce's B2B eCommerce platform helps you accomplish the following:


Product-Related Data Sync.

Products created in SAP B1 can automatically be pulled into OroCommerce and vice versa. Any updates made to product data, such as descriptions, stock, and price, will be automatically updated and synced with the other system.

Prices and Price Related Data Sync.

Price and Price-Related Data Sync.

Keep data consistent and reflected in each system in real-time. Easily maintain and map existing price lists for SAP B1 user groups to OroCommerce’s price lists and user groups.

SAP Business One Integration

Order-Related Data Sync.

Get online orders placed in OroCommerce instantly converted into an SAP B1 sales order. Any discounts, specific shipping or taxation rules applied to the order in OroCommerce are going to be instantly reflected in SAP B1 as well.

Payment Data Sync.

Invoice and Inventory Data Sync.

Ensure your online customers are provided with up-to-date statuses on available inventory, outstanding invoices, and order statuses with an all-in-one eCommerce for SAP Business One solution.

Shipment and Delivery Data Sync.

Delivery and Returns Data Sync.

Delivery details generated in SAP B1, including order-tracking ID, shipping method, shipping charges, return authorizations, and order delivery status updates, are pulled into OroCommerce and shared with the online customer.

PCI-DSS Certified for Cloud Services

Customer Data Sync

Any changes in customer information, such as a shipping address or a payment method are kept in sync between the two applications. For advanced customer data management, you may also use OroCRM, which is available as part of OroCommerce.

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