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The Essential Guide to Technology Change Management

Technology changes rapidly, and people and organizations often can’t keep up. This guide helps you plan your technological change management project, communicate the benefits of change, manage resistance, and address any challenges along the way.
The Essential Guide to Technology Change Management
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Who is this guide for?

We prepared this guide to equip you with the knowledge to carry out successful technology change within your organization.

It’s a must-read for:

  • Chief Executive Officers and Presidents
  • Business and Product Owners
  • Marketing and Sales Executives
  • IT and Technical Leaders
  • Digital Commerce Directors

Why download this guide?

With over 70% of change management projects failing, it’s obvious that organizations struggle with planning, managing, and seeing the change process through. To survive in today’s fast-changing environment, you must recognize the obstacles and make the right moves to ensure your technological change project succeeds.

What is Change Management and Why It Is Important

Organizations are pressured to keep up with generational trends, advances in technology, and to maintain a competitive edge. Yet change management projects are rarely met with enthusiasm. We’ll talk about challenges today’s organizations face and how to approach them to ensure success.

The Most Popular Change Management Methodologies

Not all change management models are created equal. We’ll describe the two separate approaches to managing organizational change and their characteristics. Then, we’ll explore some of the most popular methodologies in greater detail and what could warrant using one over the other.

How to Set the Stage for Your Change Management Project

Poor planning and lack of commitment are by far the main reasons why change projects fail. Before you embark on your change journey, ensure your prerequisites are in order. Address these elements to avoid the pitfalls, ensure a smooth transition, and maximize your return on investment.

Steps for Successful Technology Change Management

While no change is alike, your change process consists of various steps you must follow to maximize business benefits. Miss out and you risk jeopardizing your transition. Learn how to properly set a goal, build a team, create a roadmap, reinforce desired behaviors, and manage resistance to change.

Examples of Companies Who Succeeded and Failed

When it comes to change management, we definitely hear more failure stories than tales of success. But what is the reason for such outcomes? We explore stories of large businesses that failed on multiple fronts and transformed to a better state.

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