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Frost & Sullivan presents:

B2B eCommerce Platform
and Market Analysis

Assess the current and future state of B2B eCommerce
and review the vendor landscape.

Download this research to discover:

  • B2B eCommerce trends and forecasts
  • Growth opportunities provided by B2B eCommerce
  • The shift in B2B customers’ demands and expectations
  • Key vendors within the B2B eCommerce platform market

Learn which B2B eCommerce platforms
are leaders, contenders and challengers

This B2B eCommerce platform comparison offers valuable information for determining
the platform that will best serve your business.

Top B2B eCommerce

B2B eCommerce has a different level of complexity than B2C with pricing fluctuations, customer-specific pricing, volume ordering, and product configuration.

Top B2B eCommerce

Solutions that work the best out of the box have the best ROI. These are the solutions that get you up and running quickly.

Top B2B eCommerce

With a great user interface on both the back and front end, the eCommerce solution can cut costs, time, training, and unnecessary problems.

Top B2B eCommerce

System Integrators and partners must be well-versed in integrating B2B tools and business management solutions, like ERP, PIM, CRM, and CMS, into a seamless solution.

Top B2B eCommerce

B2B customers now expect to get enhanced product details, guided navigation, faceted and on-site search, request for quote, and configure-price-quote during their business shopping experience.

Top B2B eCommerce

B2B eCommerce workflows can be complex requiring your business look for platforms that can easily customize and create new workflows.

Oro is a rising vendor in the B2B eCommerce space with an experienced executive team with over 15 years in the eCommerce space. Oro offers an open-sourced true B2B eCommerce platform - OroCommerce with OroCRM capabilities built in, eliminating complex integrations.

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B2B commerce is becoming B2B eCommerce. As the way companies do business changes, the software they use to do business must change too. Frost & Sullivan took a comprehensive look at the future of B2B eCommerce to identify key drivers and restraints; growth opportunities; and how well existing top B2B eCommerce platforms serve the needs of this growing market. B2C solutions forced to work for B2B simply will no longer do.

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