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eCommerce for B2B Electronics Distributors and Wholesalers

Build a future proof digital channel tailored to the industry's needs
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eCommerce for B2B Electronics Distributors and Wholesalers
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Distributors that moved online are seeing 5x more revenue growth than their peers.

Some within the B2B electronics distribution industry still find it difficult to start a B2B eCommerce store for fear of upsetting existing distribution channels and processes. However, more and more distributors are moving away from traditional selling methods and strategies to embracing agile, growth- and customer-centric approaches. This means investing in supply chain digitalization and eCommerce platform for electronics.

Key Benefits of a B2B Solution for B2B Wholesale Electronics

  1. Expand Market Share

    Grow your market share and customer base

    • Start selling with a B2B self-service portal that’s open 24/7 and tailored to customer needs – regardless of the size or complexity of their company, industry vertical, purchasing, or invoicing processes.
    • Build SEO and mobile-friendly websites B2B consumer electronics buyers will gravitate to. Give customers real-time inventory data, convenient payment options, and intuitive checkout experiences.
    • Sell your products across multiple channels, including B2B2B or direct to consumer. All this becomes possible with an eCommerce platform for electronics that supports multiple selling models.
    • Manage a global B2B wholesale electronics business from one place. Create a web presence targeted to every geographic area through multiple eCommerce stores in multiple languages, currencies, and payment options.
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    Grow your market share and customer base
  2. Improve Customer Experience

    Boost sales, AOV and repeat purchases

    • Accommodate any business requirements. Offer your B2B electronics wholesale customers the right multi-level, permission-based access for product catalogs, quotes, price lists, and order approval processes.
    • Make shopping easy with a powerful search engine. Help users find B2B consumer electronics through SKUs, part numbers, product descriptions, attributes, and more. The built-in autocomplete functionality ensures that no question is left unanswered.
    • Create personalized experiences for every customer with personalized product catalogs, prices, quoting, ordering, and shipping options. Make it easy for other B2B electronics distributors and online electronics customers to come back and repurchase from you.
    • Build personalized marketing campaigns via landing pages, discounts, and loyalty programs. OroCommerce’s powerful electronics eCommerce platform includes reports for marketers to quickly create promotions and campaigns according to customer segments.
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    Boost sales, AOV and repeat purchases
  3. Automate Your Business

    Minimize costs and maximize productivity

    • Streamline the storefront and back-end experiences with built-in pricing, negotiations, and promotions engine. With automated quoting and contract management, eCommerce reps can spend time on customers, not data entry.
    • Market your electronic products towards multiple industries. Build separate B2B wholesale electronics websites under one roof, all with independent backend processes such as access hierarchies, quoting, contracts, and more.
    • Get a full view of your customers with a CRM system fully integrated into your electronics eCommerce platform. Use the custom reporting engine and Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce to make better marketing decisions.
    • Integrate your online electronics selling platform with ERP, CRM, eCommerce PIM, WHMS, and any other business system. Eliminate data silos and keep your eCommerce system as a single source of truth with powerful two-way, real-time sync.
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    Minimize costs and maximize productivity
  4. Future-Proof Your Business

    Build an electronic business for the future

    • Electronic distributors and suppliers need to build relationships with the end-customer, the retailer and create partnerships with vendors and suppliers. Start with an online electronics eCommerce platform that supports multiple selling models, including B2X or direct to consumer.
    • The configurable API supports not only flexible integrations but the creation of PWA and headless commerce implementations. This gives electronic eCommerce distributors more freedom to accommodate the requirements of selling partners and retailers.
    • Create online experiences B2B customers look for. OroCommerce helps you build resilience and the ability to pivot, shortening time to market. Quickly act on new sales opportunities and expand your store to new markets without the need to replatform.
    • Set up your B2B electronics wholesale business for growth. Be ready for the future and stay competitive in the electronic industry with cutting-edge features, a robust back-end, and a scalable platform designed specifically for consumer electronics eCommerce B2B selling.
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    Build an electronic business for the future

Electronics Distributor Success Story

Petra leads innovation in B2B wholesale electronics distribution with OroCommerce.

Learn how Petra, a national leader in the rapidly changing electronics distribution space, was able to streamline sales and personalize the customer experience with the help of a dedicated eCommerce platform for electronics.

Read the Success Story

eCommerce Helps Distributor Improve
Customers' Digital Experience



Elastic Search

Enhanced Search Features

Akeneo PIM


"We have worked closely with Oro to develop a platform that gives our customers a modern and efficient purchasing experience. Oro is a good foundation to build out whatever we need on our eCommerce site. PetraCentral™ has the convenience of consumer eCommerce sites but is specially designed to suit the unique needs of B2B consumer electronics and our customers’ businesses."

Josh Williams

Director of Marketing at Petra

Why Electronics Distributors
Choose OroCommerce

B2B ecommerce for distributors - faster time to market

Get electronic products to market faster

We know B2B eCommerce better than anyone. Experience the fastest time to market among B2B eCommerce solutions and start selling with a ready-made and fully functioning eCommerce portal that works on all desktop and mobile devices in under six months.

Scalable and enterprise-grade b2b ecommerce platform from orocommerce

React to growth opportunities

OroCommerce scales with your electronic eCommerce business no matter how large your catalogs, teams, or customer base gets. Keep improving the customer experience and grow loyalty while reducing costs.


Made for B2B needs

A strong B2B focus means OroCommerce can accommodate any consumer electronics business, partner, vendor, or customer requirement. Easily add new digital sales channels as you go be it B2C, B2B2C, B2G, or a multi-vendor marketplace.


Backed by an ecosystem of 600,000+

Oro’s ecosystem of open-source B2B professionals is growing rapidly. B2B consumer electronics businesses can utilize Oro’s networks and community of developers to build stronger relationships with customers and partners.


Native CRM intergation

Target your customers more effectively. Get a full, 360-degree view of customers with a powerful CRM that can be seamlessly integrated into your electronics eCommerce system.


Round-the-clock support

OroCommerce clients enjoy free 24/7 support. They can also utilize our extensive documentation and access the community on Stackoverflow to get their questions answered.

Frequently Asked Questions About B2B eCommerce for Electronics Distributors

What is the impact of eCommerce on electronics distribution?

When buyers look for supplies, components, or products sold by electronic distributors, they look online first. Between 2019 and 2020, eCommerce use increased by 87.3% for distributors under $50 million and 47% by distributors larger than $1 billion. Growing customer expectations, greater resilience, the need to streamline back-office processes are some of the reasons why electronic distributors move into eCommerce.

Why should a B2B electronics distributor try eCommerce?

Wholesale electronics buyers, like consumers, want to compare products, check prices, place orders, and track their shipments. With eCommerce, electronics distributors can reach, serve, and sell to customers wherever they are, on their desktops or mobile devices.

Instead of juggling phone calls and mailing out product catalogs, sales reps can make information available to customers on a distributor website and self-serve portal. Customers can order online at their convenience, distributors can automate order approvals and contract negotiation, and spend more time on growing relationships with customers.

What are the benefits of eCommerce for electronics wholesalers?

Electronics wholesalers can benefit hugely from launching their eCommerce websites. The first benefit is improved brand awareness an SEO-friendly eCommerce site can bring. Since your digital presence is not confined by the four walls of your warehouse, it will be easier to scale and expand into new markets and locations.

Aside from greater reach, you’ll be able to market to customers, which will help you grow sales, average order values, and keep customers coming back. You’ll be able to tailor pricing and promotions to the right customer and offer a better customer experience. Lastly, you can expect greater staff productivity since you’ll be able to automate administrative tasks and enable customers to help themselves with self-service.

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