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B2B eCommerce

The Prevalence of Online B2B Marketplaces and Its Impact on Businesses

Online marketplaces can offer B2B businesses numerous benefits - from improved operations, to streamlined partner relationships, to elevated customer experience. However, many businesses are still not taking full advantage of B2B marketplaces.


B2B eCommerce

How B2B eCommerce Platforms Replace the Need for CPQ eCommerce

Whether you're selling million dollar machinery or 5,000 gaskets, CPQ capabilities are critical. For many B2B sellers, CPQ software aren't necessary, as purpose-built B2B eCommerce platforms offer CPQ capabilities out of the box.


B2B eCommerce

Surviving the Supply Chain Crisis: How B2B Businesses Can Keep Customers Satisfied

Retailers and B2B businesses are facing unprecedented shortages. Find out how technology can help power through B2B supply chain challenges.

How Food and Beverage Brands Can Serve Both B2B and DTC Customers More Effectively

B2B eCommerce

How Food and Beverage Brands Can Serve Both B2B and DTC Customers More Effectively

Learn what to look for in an eCommerce platform if you want to leverage direct-to-consumer selling for your food and beverage brand.


B2B eCommerce

B2B Healthcare Marketing Trends: Strategies, Challenges, and Examples

Healthcare B2B brands need digital marketing to boost brand and product awareness and grow online sales. In this post, we'll go over the ins and outs of B2B medical marketing.


B2B eCommerce

July 2022 B2B eCommerce News Roundup: Digital Commerce, Marketplaces, Supply Chains, Manufacturing and Distribution

As we look back at July, we recall what's happening in the world, the state of the economy, supply chains, and issues facing manufacturers, distributors, and industrial sellers.


B2B eCommerce

OroCommerce Scores 10 of 12 Possible Medals In Debut Appearance: The Paradigm B2B Combine (Midmarket Edition)

The 2022 Paradigm B2B Combine (Midmarket Edition) is out! Learn why OroCommerce was awarded 10 of 12 medals in its first inclusion in a leading digital commerce solutions evaluation report.


B2B eCommerce

New Guide for B2B Businesses: Why Manufacturers and Distributors Must Move Online

Thinking of selling online? The time is now. In our latest guide, we'll talk about why manufacturers and distributors can't postpone their move online anymore (and ways to get started).


B2B eCommerce

Join B2B Commerce Uncut Ep.5: Marketing Strategies in B2B Commerce: What Works & What Doesn’t in the 2020s

How do you stand out from your competitors online? That's where digital marketing comes in. In the upcoming episode, we'll discuss modern strategies and tips for marketers looking to boost their B2B eCommerce channel.

B2B eCommerce

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