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b2b customer retention strategies

B2B eCommerce

Understanding B2B Customer Retention and 5 Strategies That Work

What will definitely help increase the profits of any business is increasing the number of regular buyers with the help of customer retention. Discover five time-tested B2B customer retention strategies that you should try.


B2B eCommerce

One Size Does Not Fit All: How to Properly Scope B2B eCommerce Projects

To successfully meet business requirements and avoid disappointment, it's important to focus your resources and effort on what matters. In this post, we talk about what it is and how to avoid wasting your time and money.

june 2022 roundup

B2B eCommerce

June 2022 B2B eCommerce News Roundup: Economy, Supply Chains, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Marketing News

In this 2022 June roundup, we focus on manufacturers, distributors, and the economic and geopolitical challenges. Keep updated on what's happening in the ever-changing world of B2B eCommerce.

recap - B2B eCommerce Adoption – Connecting with Your External and Internal Stakeholders

B2B eCommerce

Podcast Recap: B2B eCommerce Adoption – Connecting with Your External and Internal Stakeholders

Is B2B commerce adoption possible in companies whose last digital transformation was using email? Two experts, Andy Wagner and Jason Vagnozzi, share their tech adoption stories.


B2B eCommerce

Global eCommerce: How to Sell Your B2B Products Internationally

International B2B eCommerce is about selling B2B products across borders to customers in foreign countries. In this post, we'll explore the trends, benefits, and examples of selling to foreign business customers.


B2B eCommerce

Anatomy of a Perfect Website for Distributors With Real-Life Examples

Distributors have no excuse for not having an online presence. Find out what makes a good distributor website and see example B2B eCommerce distributor sites.


B2B eCommerce

Supply Chain Forecasting Guide: How B2B Businesses Can Anticipate Disruption and Predict Trends

Supply chain forecasting combines historical data with present-day insights for smooth business operations. In this post, we'll talk about why it's important, what it entails, and how B2B businesses perform their forecasts.

franchising ecommerce

B2B eCommerce

How B2B E-Commerce Can Future-proof Your Franchise

Find out how B2B eCommerce can help you build out a digital infrastructure for your franchise network, fuel franchise growth, and position your brand as an innovator for a new generation of young, tech-savvy entrepreneurs.


B2B eCommerce

Oro Tech Talks Episode 3: Advanced Search with Elasticsearch

In the third episode of Oro Tech Talks, we'll talk about Elasticsearch and its ability to deliver memorable search experiences. Join us and other developers as our trainer explores search capabilities in an interactive setting.

B2B eCommerce

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