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The Industrial Supply Chain Crisis Solved with Technology - logisticsmatter recap

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The Industrial Supply Chain Crisis Solved with Technology

Supply chain challenges led many companies to rethink their operations. Digital technology promises and delivers innovation to an industry that needs it most. Here are three ways B2B companies can future-proof their business with technology.

franchising ecommerce

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How B2B E-Commerce Can Future-proof Your Franchise

Find out how B2B eCommerce can help you build out a digital infrastructure for your franchise network, fuel franchise growth, and position your brand as an innovator for a new generation of young, tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

stockarea recap

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Only Technology Can Solve the Industrial Supply Chain Crisis

Supply chain issues are not going away any time soon. Organizations need to build stronger, more resilient, and adaptable supply chains to overcome current challenges. It’s crucial to rethink traditional responses to disruptions now to thrive in the future.

d2c ecommerce trends

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The D2C Trend Isn’t Slowing: Why Manufacturers are Moving Direct-to-Consumer

Moving to direct-to-consumer selling can be an attractive and lucrative endeavor for manufacturers. However, success stories also bring cautionary tales, and in this post, we talk about things to know before jumping into D2C selling.

headless ecommerce

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5 Painful Truths About Headless Commerce

Conversations surrounding headless often spiral into hype and hyperbole. To start untangling headless eCommerce, Forrester senior digital commerce analyst Joe Cicman, shared some critical observations about headless that vendors and merchants should be aware of. 

Oro and Dunlop award 2022

Oro in the News

Oro and Dunlop Win Awards From Manufacturing Leadership Council

Both Dunlop's “Collaborative Ecosystems Award” and our “Partner Award” recognize the success of our eCommerce project with Dunlop while at the same time validating our mission of helping B2B businesses transform and become digital-first organizations.


Oro in the News

OroMarketplace in 2022 Gartner Market Guide for Marketplace Operation Applications

For the second time in a row, OroMarketplace was recognized in Gartner's 2022 Market Guide for Marketplace Operation Applications. Learn about the marketplace market and the marketplace operation vendor landscape.

OroCommerce Aces Independent Coding Audit heroimg

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OroCommerce Aces Independent Coding Audit

SensioLabs, the open-source pioneers who created the Symfony framework, carried out an independent coding and infrastructure audit of OroCommerce and were impressed with our code and infrastructure reliability, maintainability, security, and performance.

B2G eCommerce

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The Pros and Cons of Selling to Uncle Sam

Business-to-government (B2G) purchases are notoriously resource-intensive and lengthy. But alongside the challenges, there are also lucrative opportunities. Learn about the benefits of selling B2G and how to get the most of B2G with eCommerce.

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