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forbes recap Sales Enablement In The Digital Era Of B2B eCommerce

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Sales Enablement In The Digital Era Of B2B eCommerce

The rise of online selling changed B2B sales enablement. The new digital customer experience requires companies to rethink their approach to sales. We explore how to implement better sales enablement tools and measure sales enablement success.


Oro in the News

Access Control Key to Cybersecurity in B2B eCommerce

Using Access Control Lists (ACLs) to establish rules that grant or deny access to different data types includes sensitive data. Every user in an application has a role, and every role has a set of permissions configured to perform or restrict actions to entities and system capabilities.


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[Podcast] Chris Raven discusses rapid growth in eCommerce on Replatform: eCommerce CX and Technology Podcast

This week, Oro had the pleasure of being featured in Replatform: eCommerce CX and Technology Podcast hosted by Paul Rogers & James Gurd, who are experienced digital consultants in eCommerce and technology platforms. In these talks, we share how to improve the end-to-end customer experience and make better technology decisions.

Talk Commerce Podcast

Oro in the News

[Podcast] Thomas Fleck Discusses Maximizing ROI on Talk Commerce Podcast

Talk Commerce is a podcast that takes an unbiased approach to all technology platforms. For this episode, host Brent Peterson invites Thomas Fleck, VP of Sales DACH at Oro Inc., to talk about B2B stores and how a platform built for B2B can give maximum ROI to the merchant.


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[Podcast] Yoav Kutner discusses B2B Marketplace Trends at Lessons for Tomorrow Podcast, P.2

In the second part of the Lessons of Tomorrow podcast, Oro's Yoav Kutner continues the discussion with Derek Cwik of and host Tim Ahlenius about the tectonic shift caused by B2B marketplaces and the opportunities it offers brands to stand apart from their competitors.


Oro in the News

[Podcast] Yoav Kutner discusses B2B Marketplace Trends at Lessons for Tomorrow Podcast, P.1

Oro's Yoav Kutner sits down with Derek Cwik of and host Tim Ahlenius to talk about the growth of B2B marketplaces. Listen to this podcast for key trends in this rapidly changing eCommerce space, and what to consider during your B2B marketplace technology decisions.


Oro in the News

5 Tips for Successful Technology Change Management

Digital transformation isn’t easy and it can seem like a daunting task for a company of any size. Most often, companies decide to delay technology changes under the impression that the benefits are not worth the challenges- but this is an unfortunate misconception. 


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How Manufacturers Select a B2B eCommerce Solution

As B2B eCommerce becomes an essential part of any B2B business, major analyst firms such as IDC, Gartner, and Frost & Sullivan have been deep-diving into comprehensive reports that evaluate top eCommerce platforms.


Oro in the News

Yoav Kutner Recognized in Pros to Know Award

Oro is excited to announce that Yoav Kutner was awarded the 21st annual Pros to Know Award by Supply & Demand Chain. The Pros to Know Award recognizes outstanding executives whose accomplishments offer a roadmap for other leaders looking to leverage supply chain for competitive advantage. 

Oro in the News

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