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b2b ecommerce marketplace

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What You Need to Know About B2B Marketplaces

What you need to know about popular B2B marketplaces and how companies can benefit from selling at Alibaba, Amazon, or eBay.


Sales & Marketing

How to Apply Automation for CRM Tasks

Businesses investing in automation have higher chances of achieving sales goals. We show you three key ways in which you can apply automation for CRM tasks.

Sales & Marketing

How to Leverage Different Technologies for B2B Business Growth

In this digital era, technology can be incorporated in a B2B business as well to achieve maximum growth. Learn how to leverage this for growth.

customer experience management

Sales & Marketing

Why Customer Experience Management is Vital to Business Success

Learn why managing the customer experience is vital to business success and what tools help implement an effective customer experience management strategy.


Sales & Marketing

How Customers Can Help you Build Credibility, Trust and Confidence with your Buyers

Your potential customers want to get a complete picture of the product before purchasing, and many of them don’t trust a vendor’s site to provide that accuracy and honesty.


Sales & Marketing

Social Selling in B2B: Does It Really Work?

Markets and buyers have evolved, and social selling in B2B is part of the new paradigm. If you think that social selling won’t work for your company, you should think again.


Sales & Marketing

How to Provide Your Customers with Excellent Omnichannel Support

Customers expect to be able to keep in touch with a brand in multiple ways now. Nearly half of your customers will, reportedly, use at least four touchpoints, with a significant percentage using six or more. In many cases, those same customers will switch devices during that contact process.


Sales & Marketing

6 Actionable Tips to Improve Customer Engagement through Knowledge Base

A knowledge base is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to capturing, managing and propagating knowledge across an organization. The reasons to employ such a solution are as numerous, especially for businesses that are always eager to learn more, keep improving, and provide better customer service.

brand advocates in b2b

Sales & Marketing

How to Identify and Nurture Brand Advocates in B2B

Peer word of mouth recommendations influence over 90% of all B2B buying decisions. It’s vital to identify and nurture those vocal customers who will boost public awareness of your brand. They are known as brand advocates. Chances are they are already all around you.

Sales & Marketing

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