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Sales & Marketing

Top 3 B2B Marketing Reports You Need in OroCRM

With OroCRM, marketing teams can measure the effectiveness of a campaign and correlate that to opportunities to see how much revenue a campaign brought in.


Sales & Marketing

OroCRM Enhances Integration Into dotmailer

We are excited to announce the new enhancements to the OroCRM-dotmailer integration. Better data synchronization, extensive reporting and many more have been introduced into this update.


Sales & Marketing

Most Useful OroCRM Marketplace Extensions

The OroCRM Marketplace already lists dozens of purpose-built extensions from new features enhancements to integrations with the third-party apps.

Sales & Marketing

How to Prepare Your Sales Team for an Event

As we start heading into conference season we want to make sure that we prepare our sales teams for events properly, ensuring benefits to the company.

Sales & Marketing

Campings OroCRM Case Study: Finds Room to Grow in Europe with OroCRM

La Compagnie des Vacances needed a new CRM tool to help them grow and better manage its community of suppliers and B2B clients throughout France and Europe.

Sales & Marketing

Kudos to Our OroCRM Support Team: Product and Service Belong Together

Getting the new technology is not enough, getting native support from the vendor is as critical as getting the required out-of-the-box features.


Sales & Marketing

How to Effectively Manage Remote Sales Teams

Much like the art of sales, sales management requires a strong understanding of relationships, expectations, and motivations.

Sales & Marketing

The Benefits of Using an OEM CRM

OroCRM offers businesses the flexible tools and fundamental applications needed to whitelabel or create an OEM CRM. Listed are ways your business benefits.

Sales & Marketing

Maintenance Release for OroPlatform and OroCRM CE 1.10.15 and Enterprise Edition 1.12.15 Are Now Available

We’re pleased to announce the maintenance releases of version 1.10.15 for OroPlatform & OroCRM CE and 1.12.15 for OroCRM EE are now available.

Sales & Marketing

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