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Customer Experience Improvement Tools for B2B Businesses

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Customer Experience Software that Converts

You don’t become a customer favorite by occasionally surpassing expectations. Put customers first with a customer experience platform that adapts to changing needs.

Oro is more than just software. We’re partners that help you succeed by combining workflows, systems, and channels for a holistic view of your customer touchpoints.

Close Deals Faster and Get Customers Coming Back

Oro products help stay ahead of your customers, every step of the way. Spot trends, analyze and detect buying behavior changes, segment communication, and tailor the experience to the lead.

  1. Better Marketing

    You can’t improve what you can’t measure. With customer, product, and market segmentation, you can create personalized campaigns that get results. Customizable analytics dashboards pull data from multiple systems and equip staff to make the right decision.

  2. Shortened Sales Cycle

    Meet customers at every stage – with workflows for approvals, ordering, checkout, and shipping. Digitize role-based RFQs to automatically and accurately price quotes. Free sales to focus on overcoming objections, solving problems, and growing relationships.

  3. Proactive Support

    Customers don’t want to talk to support, they gravitate toward self-service to reach their objectives. Offer your B2B buyers rich content such as videos, manuals, spec sheets, and give customers access to order, invoice, and payment history on demand.

  4. Customer Loyalty and Lifetime Value

    Satisfied customers are loyal customers. They purchase frequently and create referrals. Reduce friction and ensure every customer becomes a brand ambassador. Focus staff on delivering customer value while having self-service take care of the routine.

  5. Eliminate Data Silos

    Visibility into customer conversations aligns everyone around customer needs. Get a 360-degree view of customers, sales, and marketing. Track KPIs, understand customer behavior and adapt the experience to the customer needs. Predict the next big wave and allocate resources where needed.


Help Customers Reach Goals and Improve Their Experience

Oro solutions transform your customer experience. OroCommerce and OroMarketplace are the only eCommerce and customer experience management software built specifically for B2B eCommerce. OroCRM provides an unfettered view of customers and transactions, and OroPlatform builds the applications and integrations you need with minimal programming.


Ultimate Transparency in Customer Interactions

Address early indicators of friction with a 360-degree view of every customer and interaction. Centralize data, then segment communication for more effective marketing and sales. CX software with customer-facing self-service lets you automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks and focus on customer relationships and activities that matter to your business.


Powerful Personalization Capabilities

Forget cookie-cutter product pages. Provide every customer with personalized catalogs and dynamically generated prices. Develop marketing campaigns according to lead, pain, point, geography, or any other attribute. Offer multiple promotions with personalized upsells, marketing campaigns, and loyalty programs based on prior purchases.


Open Source CRM

OroCommerce comes with an integrated CRM system. Use the built-in OroCRM or connect with the CRM of your choice. Oro’s open-source approach allows you to use the applications and components you need. You have complete freedom to build systems to deliver the customer experience that delivers the most value and achieves your goals.


Rich Ecosystem

We know that no organization is alike. That's why we designed Oro to connect with various tools and methods to bring data where it's needed. Extend your OroCommerce website with Zendesk, add a Mailchimp integration to OroCRM or OroCommerce, use OroPlatform as the hub that brings all your third-party applications together.

Distributor Delivers Improved Customer Experiences

Gala Imports reinvented B2B manufacturer and distributor experiences with OroCommerce.

As a leading supplier of containers for industrial businesses in the Australia and Greater Pacific area, offering the best experience for a diverse customer base was mission-critical. OroCommerce helped realize diverse customer experiences from a single back-end managing multiple websites.


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gala imports success story
These were not regular customers prior to the pandemic. The challenge has been to get as many to stick with us afterwards. There is great functionality in Oro we haven’t had before that will continue to pay dividends here.

Andrew Albrow

Marketing Director

We Enable Teams to Create Value for their Customers

Oro products help leaders across the company reach their goals with the CX platform they need to activate strategies and achieve success. No matter their role, Oro empowers business leaders.

Customer Success Leaders

Customer success teams gain valuable information to attract, retain, and grow their customer base. Understand every customer touchpoint to develop customer experiences as needs change. With tightly integrated systems, you identify churn and take action before it occurs.


With cross-channel data at their fingertips, CMOs better understand the existing user base to build perfect marketing campaigns. Impress every B2B buyer with a localized experience, promotions, product information, and purchasing process, no matter how complex or unique it is.

Director of Sales

Sales Directors can forget about winnable deals going south. Remove guesswork from the funnel and pipeline. Automate back-office processes with the industry's most powerful workflow engine. Streamline approvals, digitize the request for quote and quote to cash process.

VP of Digital

Oro gives Digital Leaders a complete toolkit to create an immersive B2B digital experience. Operate multiple storefronts with a single back-end. Decouple the front-end from the back-end or integrate individual microservices components for an ideal customer experience.


Make life easier for CTOs with an integrated, secure, time-tested tech stack. Maintain compliance with ease when you rely on Oro’s cloud-based services. Take advantage of OroPlatform’s RAD tools to develop web apps quickly and at substantial savings over traditional coding approaches.


Provide customers exceptional visibility into their supply chain. Automate order entry and integrate systems to reduce duplicate, time-draining administrative work. Provide customers accurate order status 24/7, use geolocation services to provide estimated time in transit.

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