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The Digital Transformation Platform for Enterprise Evolution

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Harnessing the Power of Technology

Everyone is talking about digital transformation. Accelerate business growth, evolve the customer experience, meet local and local organizational needs…

What does this really mean?

Digital transformation integrates technology in all aspects of your business. A comprehensive digital transformation platform powers automation, improves efficiency and unleashes the potential of human creativity to build a better business.

Oro's Digital Transformation Platform is Made for B2B Business

Oro understands how businesses do business. Unlike other digital transformation platforms designed for retail and consumer operations, Oro embraces B2B transformations for mid-size companies and large enterprises. Automate eCommerce workflows, streamline databases, integrate business systems, improve B2B customer experience, and meet ever-rising shareholder expectations. You focus on transforming your business and Oro provides the tools to make it happen.

  1. Manufacturers

    Always early adopters in technology, manufacturers undertake digital business operation transformations to increase sales, improve customer relationship management, and make more informed data-driven decisions. Oro’s eCommerce platform, OroCommerce, allows you to sell B2B and D2C with a single platform.

    It was essential to include the teams in this project and to support them in getting to grips with the platform so that they understood all the opportunities. We will also continue to call on them to develop it according to their needs and their feedback.

    Loic Dolbeau

    Digital Marketing Manager, FranceAir

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  2. Distributors

    Distributors are integrating multiple ERPs, storefronts, eProcurement systems, providing buyer insight into the supply chain, automating workflows, and providing rich personalization to increase sales and improve customer experience.

    Animal Supply went with Oro because “it gave us the flexibility and functionality to implement our digital strategy exactly how we wanted it.”

    Senior Digital Director

    Animal Supply

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  3. Large multi-channel brands

    Embrace your complexity. With a comprehensive solution, it’s possible to stop worrying about the number of SKUs you process and concentrate on new products and markets. Combine marketing, sales, and service to modernize operations. Operate B2B and B2C channels all on one platform, integrate with Amazon and other selling channels to provide cohesive experiences to your customers.

    “Oro stood out to us because, out of the box, it provided solutions we had fought hard to shoe-horn into our previous platform. The stability and reliability of that as the basis for was incredibly important to us.”

    Peter Noonan

    (ex-)Marketing Manager, Saltworks

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  4. B2X Companies

    B2B, B2G, B2B2C, D2C. No matter your customer or selling model, Oro provides a robust platform that increases back-office efficiency while improving customer-facing interactions. Delight customers, streamline workflows, improve reporting with a digital transformation platform that embraces your complexity.

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  5. Marketplaces

    Marketplaces represent the next step in the evolution of buying and selling. Bring together multiple vendors horizontally and vertically to capture markets you otherwise miss. Oro allows you to create a digital infrastructure that integrates seamlessly.

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How it Works

How Does Digital Transformation with Oro Work?

We take great pride in the expertise, professionalism, openness and transparency of the communication with our prospects, customers and partners.


How does digital transformation with Oro happen?

Strategy and Goals

Talk to an Oro expert, share your challenges and goals, discuss your strategy, and receive immediate recommendations. No commitment required.


How does digital transformation with Oro happen?

Choose the Right Partners

We work within our Ecosystem and connect you with the best solution integrators and technology providers (if necessary) to meet your business goals.


How does digital transformation with Oro happen?

Scope your MVP

We recommend all customers to start with an MVP (minimum viable product) of the desired digital transformation result. [Learn more]


How does digital transformation with Oro happen?


The execution step when selected partners, supported by the Oro core team, implement your MVP.


How does digital transformation with Oro happen?

Soft Launch

We highly recommend a soft launch by the integration partner to ensure a smooth and streamlined go-live process. At this stage, businesses collect the first feedback from key customers, internal stakeholders, and users of the new systems before finally releasing them to the public.


How does digital transformation with Oro happen?

Support and Improvement

Once live, you receive continuous support and improvement of your digital transformation project from your integration partner and the Oro support team. Now that your MVP project is up and running and providing results, it’s time to plan fine-tuning and improvements.


Digital Transformation
is Business Made Better

Oro’s suite of products creates a digital business transformation platform that lets you break free from the constraints of outdated technology and focus on doing more in less time. It’s your business, Oro makes it better.

Accelerate Sales

OroCommerce is a flexible B2B eCommerce platform that fuels 24/7 sales. Digital eCommerce is ready when your customers decide to buy. Digitization of RFQ and QTC workflows empowers sales staff to concentrate efforts where the human touch is needed. Build stronger customer relationships using the native OroCRM and automate ordering to grow sales.

Enhance the Customer Experience

Create immersive web experiences and provide the self- serve capability modern buyers demand with OroCommerce eCommerce platform. OroCRM is a customer relationship management tool that provides a 360-degree view of every customer and every interaction. Use either product alone or use them together to gain more control over the customer experience. The Oro platform for digital transformation puts the ability to transform the customer experience at your fingertips.

Improve Operational Efficiency

OroPlatform is a set of rapid application development tools that allows you to create web apps and integrate business systems seamlessly. Like all Oro products, it is built on open-source code and APIs that eliminate data silos so information flows into the hands and onto the devices where it’s needed.

Straightforward Business Automation

Oro's suite of digital transformation solutions is built on the OroPlatform foundation. Its powerful workflow engine makes automating any business process possible. Customizations are quick to launch, modular, and scalable. OroPlatform also supplies the features you need to develop responsive web applications and solve even enterprise-level business application needs.

Digital Transformation
Benefits Every Role


Break free from legacy technology that binds you to outdated processes, dwindling productivity, and wasted time and resources. Automate workflows, improve productivity and connectivity, increase customer satisfaction, and maximize ROI.


Rid yourself of unreliable, resource-intensive applications that refuse to scale with your company. Deploy a digital transformation platform that is as flexible as your company, as agile as your team, and scales at will.


Tired of marketing blind? Get actionable insights and complete visibility into customer behavior. Improve the customer journey and experience and maximize every marketing dollar.


Automate workflows, reduce data entry needs, and eliminate duplicate data entry. Imagine an ecosystem where sales orders are entered automatically and move through solutions effortlessly because all systems integrate naturally. Oro makes operational dreams a reality.


Drive business value when you break down data silos and gain visibility into all departments. Make more data-driven resource decisions and act on numbers instead of simply reporting them. Execute growth strategies confidently with technology that supports your tactics.

VP of Digital

Remove roadblocks to channel success. Improve the customer experience, maximize personalization, and engage customers when and where they want with a self-serve portal. Leverage data to create promotions so granular, they are by customer.

Director of Sales

Stop selling and start engaging customers and leads for higher conversions. Enter new markets without infrastructure investment and enable automated 24/7 ordering. Integrate with eProcurement such as EDI and punchout catalogs to meet customers when and how they desire.

Why Oro?

Let’s get down to business. Oro outshines the
competition in three major ways.

Passion for Digital Excellence

Oro leadership consists of proven IT professionals that understand how businesses operate. Whether B2B or B2C, they recognize the need for a digital transformation platform that delivers the innovation you need.

Transparency and Openness

All Oro products are open-source. We have nothing to hide. You’ll always receive open and honest communication about our products and we continually strive to help you meet your goals.

Powerful and Flexible

Oro’s digital transformation platform provides a suite of business solutions that is powerful and flexible enough to adapt to how your business does business. Any industry, any business model, and customer base. It’s how you take the next step in the evolution of your enterprise.

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