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Method 2: Download the Source Code Archive and Install Dependencies


Alternatively, you can Clone the GitHub repository.

To prepare for installation:

  1. Download the latest Community Edition version of the application from the download section on Click the zip, tar.gz, or tar.bz2 link to download the archive.


    Download archives of the Enterprise Edition of the application from the release section in the OroCommerce with OroCRM, OroCommerce without OroCRM, or OroCRM github repository. You need a valid Oro license to access these repositories. Please contact Oro sales or support to purchase the license and get the repository location.


    Download the virtual machine to quickly deploy the application in the virtual sandbox environment.

    Then extract the source files. For example, on a Linux based OS run:

    $ cd [$folder_location]
    $ tar -xzvf crm-application.tar.gz

    The directory you extracted the files to, will be used in the following steps and will be referred to as [$oro_installation_folder] further in this topic.

  2. Run the composer install command with --prefer-dist --no-dev parameter to update the downloaded libraries to the latest supported versions (The source code archive contains all the required libraries. They will be installed to the vendor directory):

    $ cd [$oro_installation_folder]
    $ composer install --prefer-dist --no-dev


    Unlike when downloading from the GitHub repository, you are not prompted to enter the configuration parameter values. Default values are used instead. If necessary, update configuration parameters in the app/config/parameters.yml file after the command execution is complete.