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User Groups

A user group is a system entity that represents a group of users. By default, user groups are used in the notification rules and filters.

Create a User Group

In order to create a user group, complete as follows:

  1. In the main menu, navigate System>User Management>Groups.
  2. Click the Create Group button.
  3. Define the general details and the list of users for the group. The description of the fields see in the sections below.


Name Description
Owner Define a business unit, members of which may be able to manage the user group, subject to the access and permission settings
Name The name used to refer to the user group on the interface.


Select / clear the HAS GROUP check box, to assign/unassign a user to/from the user group.


The HAS GROUP check box defines if the user is assign the specific user group that you are creating/editing

View and Manage a User Group Record

All the user groups available are displayed in the User Groups grid (System>User Management>User Groups).

From the grid you can:

  • Delete a user group from the system: click the Delete icon.
  • Get to the Edit page of the user group: click the Edit icon.