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Calendar Events

In OroCRM and in OroCommerce Management Console, you can create and monitor planned activities as calendar events. These planned activities may be linked to the related data in OroCRM and OroCommerce (e.g. a demo may be linked to the opportunity in OroCRM and to the request for quote in OroCommerce).

Have a look at the short overview of calendar events for additional details.


You can also see a short demo on how to create and manage events in your Oro application, or continue reading the guidance below.

When managing calendar events, you can do the following: (see aggregated information here):

You can perform most of these actions while working with:

  • The list of calendar events, also known as the calendar events grid.

  • The calendar event view page.

  • The My Calendar page.

  • The Today’s Calendar widget.

  • The Activity section of the related items—records in OroCRM and OroCommerce that are related to the customer user activity and have been added as a calendar event context. By default, the event may be set to be related to opportunity, quote, customer user, contact, account, lead, business customer, case, request for quote, and order records.