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B2B Commerce

The Unvarnished Truth About B2B eCommerce
B2B Commerce podcast

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    From the Oro Library

    We are passionate about everything B2B. Delve into our collection of previous podcasts and interviews and hear from thought leaders, disrupters, and the people that are getting things done in the B2B space.

    b2b commerce uncut - season finale


    A Decade in B2B eCommerce: Lessons Learned and What’s Ahead

    Tune in to hear the Oro founding team discussing the key milestones in the history of Oro, B2B eCommerce evolution, and what lies ahead for our industry.

    b2b commerce uncut - marketplace


    B2B Marketplaces: Is This Model For You and How to Achieve Success

    Tune in to hear Rodrigo Garcia from PartsBase Inc. and Yoav Kutner from Oro Inc. discussing what makes B2B marketplaces a trending business model and the key considerations for launching your own B2B marketplace.

    b2b commerce uncut - marketing


    Marketing Strategies in B2B Commerce: What Works & What Doesn’t in the 2020s

    Kurt Hoffman and Joshua Williams discuss what makes B2B digital marketing effective and which trends will dominate the industry in the coming years.

    b2b commerce uncut - adoption


    B2B eCommerce Adoption: Connecting with Your Internal and External Stakeholders

    Jason Vagnozzi and Andy Wagner discuss the ingredients for successful eCommerce adoption on the example of the digitization project at Braskem, a global chemicals company.

    b2b commerce uncut - security and compliance


    Security and Compliance in B2B eCommerce

    In this podcast featuring Jeff Man, QSA and Security Specialist at Online Business Systems, and Joseph Kirkpatrick, Founder and CEO at cybersecurity auditor KirkpatrickPrice, talk about cybersecurity for B2B businesses.

    data standardization in b2b


    Data Syndication and Standardization in B2B: How Not To Waste Time Chasing Red Herrings

    In this podcast featuring Joe Albrecht, CEO of Xngage, and Ali Hanyaloglu, Sr. Product Director of Akeneo, we discuss the importance of data standardization for successful B2B commerce business digitization.

    b2b ecommerce trends that matter 2022


    Distinguishing Signal from the Noise: B2B eCommerce Trends for 2022 that Matter

    Our expert panel featuring Yoav Kutner, Oro Inc. CEO, guest speaker Joe Cicman, Forrester Senior Digital Commerce Analyst, and Motti Danino as a moderator dissect the biggest 2022 trends, buzzwords, and technologies in B2B eCommerce.



    The Fathers of Modern eCommerce

    Here's your chance to get to know the founders who globally impacted the eCommerce industry with their passion for innovative products. Listen in on this special live episode featuring Roy Rubin and Yoav Kutner as they share their insights on the shift in B2B sales and trends for 2019.



    Change Management in B2B eCommerce

    The very thing that has made traditional companies successful in the past, is the very thing that's holding them back now. Companies that are now making the push for digital transformation are realizing that the hardest step is internal adoption. How do you coach your team to be advocates for change? Find out in today's episode!



    Disrupting a B2B Commerce Market

    In a traditional industry, people were skeptical when Sean began to push the idea of digital eCommerce. He dedicated his time and savings to building and in 6 years he's gained over 45,000 customers. Explore the company that disrupted its industry by jumping into the digital era in today's episode.



    Creating a Digital Experience in B2B Payments

    The buyer profile is changing as more customers are expecting an online experience. Michael revolutionized the B2B credit space by automating the payment process for a fully self-service model. Find out how his company is displacing traditional payment methods in B2B transactions on today's episode.

    Digital Implementation


    The Secret to a Successful Digital Implementation

    Are you looking to initiate a B2B eCommerce solution for your business but don’t know where to start? Listen to this exclusive interview with Werner Electric for their step-by-step strategy to digital transformation.

    brian beck podcast


    Developing Successful B2B eCommerce Strategies with Brian Beck

    Author and consultant Brian Beck, shares the common challenges of digital transformation, what B2B can learn from B2C, and how to incorporate Amazon as part of your eCommerce business strategy. Get ready to take notes in today’s information packed episode!



    B2B eCommerce Insights with IDC Analyst Jordan Jewell

    Following our latest IDC whitepaper release, this episode features Jordan Jewell, the IDC Analyst behind the report. Listen to his tips for successful digital transformation, essential features for look for in an eCommerce platform, and the results of implementing an eCommerce platform.

    b2b commerce uncut podcast

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