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April Moto

A subsidiary of April Group, an international insurance agency based in France, April Moto specializes in providing insurance for motorcycles, scooters, and other two-wheeled vehicles, in addition to cars. They handle over 250,000 unique quotes per year using a network of 30,000 independent brokers, as well as through direct web, phone, mail, and in-store sales.
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The Challenge

April Moto used Synolia, an e-commerce consulting service, in order to build out an online portal for their agency where their customers could get real-time quotations.

April Moto also wanted this portal to be able to manage prospects and create a quality database without any duplications. In order to do this, they required a CRM tool with the following capabilities:

  • Call management, including the ability to automatically open a customer record on an incoming call.
  • Multiple workflows for emails and calls, as well as the ability to adapt these workflows in real time.
  • An API that they could directly connect to their website.

The Solution

OroCRM’s extensive customizability and extendibility won April Moto over, specifically for the following reasons:

  • OroCRM allowed April Moto to build a central repository of every customer and lead.
  • OroCRM helped them centralize all of their quotations. With workflows, April Moto could also automate aspects of the quotation process, such as emails and scheduling phone calls.
  • OroCRM’s multi-channel customer view let April Moto see where they are coming from and create targeted marketing actions.

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