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GFM Energie


The Background

In the German market, consumers are able to select their energy supplier just as one would select an internet provider. GfM was started in 2013 as a partner to energy supply companies to help manage the customer experience relationship. They manage everything from customer onboarding, data management, and billing services for thousands of end customers. After experiencing success in the German market, GFM decided to replicate their success in the Spanish market.


Upon entering the Spanish market, GfM noticed that the accounting system developed for the energy market did not have CRM capabilities. They decided to put OroCRM to the test by downloading the open-source software to see if it could truly deliver the modular and scalable platform it promised to be. Not only did it prove capable of managing over 70,000 customers, but it also bridged the gap between internal employees who did not have a task management system prior to OroCRM. GfM was also able to create personalized marketing campaigns for their customers resulting in a superior customer experience.

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