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International Trade Company Centralizes Internal Database with OroCRM

MTH Retail Group is an Austrian based company founded in 2002 that is part of the Management Trust Holding Group, which focuses on international consulting and trade. Its trade chains LIBRO and PAGRO DISKONT employ a workforce of 2,320 people in more than 380 locations in Austria. In addition, PFENNIGPFEIFFER and MÄC GEIZ offer a distribution network in Germany with nearly 2,300 employees and 380 branches. In 2017, MTH Retail Group added Swiss Office World Gruppe to their portfolio, a multichannel distributor for office products with 23 branches in Switzerland

The Challenge

Due to their increasing expansion through company acquisition, MTH Retail Group was faced with the challenge to replace their heterogeneous system landscape with a standardized IT infrastructure.

They reached out to DMK E-Business, a digital solutions provider, to select a CRM solution that would help unify their fragmented IT infrastructure. The first step was to renew Office World AG’s CRM system with OroCRM. Office World’s multi-channel business and international services was the perfect challenge to put OROCRM’s capabilities to the test.

The Solution

In order to meet the high demands of the retail market, MTH designed the group-wide IT landscape with a focus on distributed systems. This new innovative solution facilitated the integration of single system components and their flexible substitution.

Thus, it was necessary to implement a CRM system that offered a modern platform with high flexibility and expandability. OroCRM’s robust architecture and easy-to-use interface made it the best solution in the market to meet MTH Retail’s requirements.

Similarly, a basic requirement for the solution was the capability of handling several million customer data records without lag times or system crashes, which is a proven capability of OroCRM.

OroCRM’s usage currently includes sales, customer support, and marketing; the latter being a focus during the first phase of the implementation. Among its wide range of capabilities are: marketing campaign segmentation, extensive reporting functions, connection of marketing automation, and campaign planning/implementation.

 In addition, MTH Retail Group wanted to manage their extensive customer loyalty programs with the CRM. As a result, DMK enhanced OroCRM’s basic functionalities with selected tools for customer loyalty programs, which made OroCRM the leading system for the “OfficePlus” customer card, OfficeWorld’s loyalty program.

Because of this program, OroCRM receives real time customer sales data from all of their branches. By presenting their loyalty card at checkout, customers collect loyalty points. After collecting a certain amount of points, unique vouchers that are valid in-store and online can be created automatically and transferred in real time. Once the voucher is redeemed, the customer’s score will be updated automatically.

Unlimited data with unbeatable performance

OroCRM is securely hosted in MTH Retail Group’s data center. Currently, MTH Retail retains over 600,000 customers, 3 million orders and 3.5 million vouchers through OroCRM. 

OfficeWorld’s cash system is connected to the CRM through a middleware, which pushes customer data requests from the CRM in real time, so CRM info is immediately available to be used for printing on documents at the cash system. This allows OroCRM to be not only a marketing tool, but also a customer data lead management system for MTH’s entire system landscape.

Duplicate check and address-returns

DMK expanded OroCRM with a duplicate checker for creating new customers, which allows CRM users to detect potential duplicates and consolidate existing customers. Previously, returning leads were being duplicated, which led to an automated adjustment of customer data. Now with OroCRM, duplicate leads with fake addresses or information can be blocked from further mailings or forwarded to an employee for an additional check.


The Result

MTH Retail Group now benefits from an extensive and fail-safe CRM system centered around OroCRM, which integrated seamlessly into the IT-infrastructure of the international trading group. The successful rollout for Office World AG, however, was only the first step; after positive feedback from OroCRM’s implementation, the replacement of CRM systems from other subsidiaries is now underway, with more than 480 outlets and online shops from Libro and PAGRO DISKONT being next in line. Those Magento-based online shops will be connected with a Magento connector module. In addition, the new SAP-system of MTH Retail Group will be directly connected to the CRM, much like the REWE cash system.

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