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Oro Tech Talks Ep.2: Headless eCommerce with OroCommerce

The live session is over, but the recording is available on demand.
This session is an excellent opportunity to learn about headless architecture in eCommerce, get answers to questions, and participate in building a headless application. 

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    What is Headless eCommerce with OroCommerce?

    Headless eCommerce architecture separates front-end presentation from the back-end services through the use of APIs. This episode of Oro Tech Talks covers the theoretical aspect of headless eCommerce architecture followed by a practical component. Our trainer will implement a few examples of the headless use case, namely searching products by barcode in a barcode-scanning application. The application will connect to OroCommerce via API and be available for download to the attendees.

    Who is this session for?

    This webinar is designed for both new and experienced developers looking to learn more about headless architecture and achieve success in their business:

    • Independent developers
    • In-house developers
    • Technology consultants
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    Why Join This Session?

    Headless eCommerce architecture is a growing trend, but many businesses and developers aren’t sure how it can benefit their businesses. This presentation will discuss the benefits, offer actionable advice, and provide hands-on experience building a headless application from scratch.


    Introduction to headless eCommerce

    To deliver best-in-class shopping experiences, commerce brands must consider every channel (mobile, app, web) when designing storefronts that meet buyer needs. We’ll talk about the key definitions and differences between headless and traditional, monolithic systems.


    Benefits of going headless in commerce

    Headless architecture offers many benefits, such as increased flexibility of the open stack, streamlined performance, and more control over the user experience. We’ll talk about how headless enables greater personalization, innovation, and business resilience.


    Live headless eCommerce coding session

    Our trainer will showcase a barcode scanning app connected via API to OroCommerce. To make the most of this session, you need to be familiar with Oro’s storefront and back-end APIs. Basic knowledge of ReactJS app development is advantageous but not required.


    Daniel Nahrebecki 
    Project Lead, Senior Software Engineer, Trainer, Oro Inc

    Daniel is a senior software engineer and project lead for OroCommerce with over ten years of PHP development experience. Since 2017, he’s been an integral part of Oro’s development team and is proficient at addressing complex B2B needs with software solutions, overseeing all phases of the development cycle. Daniel is involved in technical sales activities, requirements discovery, development, and delivery phases. He is an experienced leader and Oro trainer, working closely with developers, partners, as well as clients.

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