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Configuration of Customer Users Per Website

You can enable or disable customer user registration, requesting confirmation after registration and the way OroCommerce treats password security for a specific website in OroCommerce.

To change the default settings for a website:

  1. Navigate to the system configuration (click System > Websites in the main menu).
  2. For the necessary website, hover over the More Options menu to the right of the necessary website and click to start editing the configuration.
  3. Select Commerce > Customer Users in the menu on the left.


For faster navigation between the configuration menu sections, use Quick Search.

The following page opens.

The following table describes the options available on the page:

Name Description
Default Customer Owner Service information that governs which user has full access to managing and viewing the customer information. Usually, this is a default customer administrator or administrator assigned to the customer.
Registration Allowed Enables/disables new customers registration from the Storefront login screen.
Show Registration Link Shows/hides the registration link from the Storefront login screen. The link is next to the Sign In link in the top bar.
Confirmation Required Enables/disables email confirmation step after the user registration.
Require Company Name Shows/hides the company name field in the registration form in the Storefront. Required for the individual customers who do not belong to any company.
Send Plain Text Password In Welcome Emails Please, disable this option in a production environment. This option is disabled by default.
Show Registration Instructions Enables/disables registration instructions on the storefront login page. This option is disabled by default.
Registration Instructions text If Show Registration Instructions is enabled, the text provided in the fields will be displayed on the storefront login page.
  1. To customize any of these options:

    1. Clear the Use Default box next to the option.
    2. Select the new option.
  2. Click Save Settings.

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