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3 Ways OroCRM Helps Create Happy Customers

July 2, 2014 | Brandon Briggs

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Business leaders know the value of exceptional customer service.  There is a difference between providing customer service and building a customer relationship.

The word relationship indicates interactions over a long period of time where trust is created between the customer and the company. In today’s complex multi-channel world, the right customer management tool is critical to building this relationship.

Here are 3 ways OroCRM can help you manage relationships to create happy customers.

Organizing Customer Information

Gathering customer information from your disparate data sources can be daunting.  OroCRM allows you to have at your fingertips all contacts, account information, appointments, notes, past orders, current shopping carts and much more. This is so much easier than poring through multiple software systems or offline notes to get the information you need.

In the screenshot example below you can see we have information on our customer, Albert Clark. We know his key contact information along with his social media links, a handy map with his local weather, his birthday and more. OroCRM can be customized to include any information your business deems critical.  Managing important details, focusing on events in your customers lives and being able to connect with them when and where they want, builds trust.


Centralizing Communications

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a complete view of the communication history with a customer that is calling in to move forward on a purchase? This is a simple benefit to a customer that makes a big difference in their experience.

OroCRM was designed to keep track of all communications and share them across the organization in one place. In a single glance you can see all email, phone calls and even assigned internal tasks related to a contact. This single view of your customers communication across all sales channels allows for a better customer experience regardless of the purchase channel.


Analyze and Understand

With all your customer information, order and open shopping cart data and communications in one place you can now analyze and better understand your customers and business. You can group together customers based on everything from tags you have assigned to them, to items they placed in their cart and never purchased. You can understand which customers are calling in for product support versus order related questions. You also have the ability to group like customers into segments and send targeted offers to that group.

These are just some of the ways OroCRM users are making better business decisions using our segmentation, reporting and tagging features.  When companies better understand their customer, they can make macro-business decisions to improve their relationships.

Happy, Relevant Relationships

With all these tools in hand it becomes easier to put the focus on the customer and less on the logistics. Not only does this save internal employee time, but also offers a consistently better customer experience, thus strengthening the relationship.

What will you do with OroCRM to make your customers happy?

For more information on OroCRM or to see a product demo for yourself please contact us today!

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