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5 Best Holiday Marketing Campaigns from the 2016 Holiday Season and Beyond

December 29, 2016 | Oro Team

The winter holidays are always a challenge for advertisers. You need to tell a story that cuts through the noise of competitor discounts while leaving positive sentiments that link to your brand. Here are 5 holiday advertising campaigns that were more than up to the challenge (at least in the Oro team’s humble opinion).

Mercedes-Benz. When you have understanding parents and the power of a Mercedes-Benz, even the worst of weather can’t stop young love. This winter ad from Mercedes-Benz reminds us that anything is possible this time of year. Even a Cineplex date in a snowstorm.

Cineplex. Speaking of Cineplex, this Canadian entertainment company came up with one of the best holiday advertising campaigns out there by telling a tale that recaptures the wonder of Christmas. Lily and the Snowman is a story that would touch the heart of the Grinch himself. Warning:  tissues mandatory.

Marks & Spencer. In Christmas with Love from Mrs. Claus, M&S uses a multi-layered message structured to resonate with a variety of audiences in their holiday marketing campaign. We are reminded that behind every great man is an equally great woman; and anyone with a sibling discovers that the family ties that sometimes choke us turn out to be made of heart strings.

Edeka. In Edeka’s holiday advertising campaign, called A Time to Come Home, a wily old man teaches his family the importance of making time to come home before it’s too late. Of course, we also learn that the best dinners are meals shared with the ones we love.

WestJet. This is the rare holiday marketing campaign with staying power. It is a real story of real-time giving and it really happened in 2013. It’s still going strong 3 years later. It reminds us that Miracles Do Happen.

We hope that you find these commercials entertaining and even more importantly, inspiring.  

May your 2017 be filled with creativity, productivity, and prosperity!

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