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Developers' Digest

Changes to Public Oro GitHub Repositories

July 25, 2017 | Oro Team

We’d like to inform our vibrant Community about the most recent changes we’ve made to Oro’s Github repositories.

We have improved the existing structure of the GitHub repositories and ensured a consistent and easily accessible environment for both OroCRM and OroPlatform. Take a look at what has changed:

  1. We have renamed our public repository organization from orocrm to oroinc.
  2. All repositories available at* have been moved to* accordingly.
  3. Any requests for previous repository locations are redirected to the new repository URLs (e.g., when clicking, a user is automatically redirected to
  4. Relevant user permissions have been migrated.

Please note that we update all relevant references in the code strings and content to reflect the said changes.

Should you have any further questions about Oro GitHub repositories or face issues when using them, please let us know.

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