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Closing the Commerce Loop

September 6, 2013 | Jary Carter

Are you an eCommerce company struggling to connect marketing activities to Customer Service and Sales? Do you struggle to enable your sales team to interact with the highest value prospects? Does your sales team have difficulty seeing a full view of customer engagement and activity? Here is the not so big secret; you aren’t alone. Our experience, along with major analyst data, shows that most eCommerce companies are struggling to connect these dots, with very little help from current systems and tools. Forrester research shows that 50% of companies have plans to build their own CRM solution, scrapping altogether off the shelf software. We estimate in eCommerce that percentage is much higher.

Something is broken.

The eCommerce companies that win tomorrow will be the ones who effectively connect the customer behavior dots within their company. To illustrate, we talked with a company last week that represents the need we hear everyday. They are a mid-sized international online retailer who for the sake of their anonymity we will call Acme Corporation. Acme has a customer service team of about 20 people. They want to enable their Customer Service/Sales teams to engage with customers more effectively. For example, if someone has over $500 in their shopping cart and abandons it, Acme want a lead to be created within their CRM system for immediate follow up from sales. If a customer buys more than $1,000 of product on the website they want a Customer Service Representative to follow up personally to give them additional product and shipping details. If someone calls to follow up on an order, they want their sales team to not only see what the customer has purchased, but what email offers they have responded too and what they have had in their shopping cart over the past six months.

Acme knows that each of these scenarios, executed effectively, creates more revenue for their business and further delights customers. We know this too. For this reason, we are building an out-of-the-box sales workflow in OroCRM that will drive additional revenue opportunity for the average eCommerce company. In an era with lots of talk about big data, our customers really just need better access to their own data. OroCRM, the Open Source CRM for Commerce, will allow eCommerce companies of tomorrow to delight customers and deliver revenue growth. We would love to hear your use case and work together to make your goals a reality! Please feel free to reach out to us directly to discuss or comment below.

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