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Coming Soon: New Territory Sales Management Feature in OroCRM

March 22, 2017 | Oro Team


Following our recent post teasing new features available in the upcoming OroCRM 2.1 version, we’d like to provide a glimpse into another new feature that’s included in our next release.

The new feature facilitates sales territory mapping and management. The Territories feature will enable Lead, Opportunity, and Customer entities to be assigned to users in certain geographies. Additionally, dashboard widgets can be used  to track sales pipeline, sales productivity, and  Opportunity revenue forecasts across different territories.

The Idea Behind Sales Territory Mapping in OroCRM

When companies are global or have presence in several geographic locations, it is important for sales teams to know which lead, opportunity, or customer resides in their territory.

Sales territories are defined as specific customer group or segment that sales teams are responsible for managing. Sales territories can be segmented based on several factors (e.g. country, state, industry, company name/by alphabet, etc.).

Setting up sales territories enables businesses to categorize markets, distribute and balance workload among sales personnel, and assign ownership to individual reps. It enables sales managers to perform more detailed analysis on the salesforce, build meaningful global sales reports, and forecast territory-specific revenues.

With the new Sales Territory feature enabled, OroCRM users will be able to:

  • Define territories for the entities such as leads, opportunities, and any customer type;
  • Assign entities to users within particular territories;
  • Automatically assign records to different territories;
  • Filter data by territory via the dashboard widget.

Let’s review several use cases that demonstrate exactly how the Territories functionality works.

Use case #1

As a Sales Manager, you can define different territories for your salespeople and assign records to specific territories.

By using this feature, you can easily organize your sales team efforts. Territories can be granularly set for any entity such as leads, opportunities, and all customer types. You can also assign records to specific territories and then view the number of records assigned to a specific territory to manage workload. You will also be able to create and apply filters when defining a territory so that records get automatically assigned to particular territory based on the filter rules.

Use case #2

As a Sales/Marketing manager or an executive, you can filter data by territory to visualize territory pipelines and forecasts, as well as measure campaign efficiency in specific territories.

By using Territories with widget filters, it will be possible to forecast territory-specific revenue for a certain time period. Managers can also use the widget to keep a close eye on sales productivity and identify the top territories that drive the most revenue to the business. Based on this information, managers can choose to optimize and reorganize sales teams and territories to maximize sales productivity and efficiency.

Use case #3

As a Sales rep, you need to have clear focus on your ongoing workload and responsibilities.

Having leads, opportunities, or customers automatically assigned to the right sales territory will save time and improve coordination. This allows sales reps to remove lag and reach out to potential customers in the shortest amount of time.

In Conclusion

The Sales Territory feature in OroCRM serves as a convenient tool for sales management and categorization of your customers. It allows you to assign appropriate sales reps to handle customers/prospects grouped by territories, spread the workload between your sales team members, and assess pipelines and forecasts. Also, visualizing your different territories can help identify potential sales areas for future growth and revenue opportunities.

Is there any further capability we could implement in OroCRM that might help you manage your territory sales? Share your suggestions below or get in touch with us.

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