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Creating and configuring System Mailboxes in OroCRM

November 23, 2016 | Oro Team

Welcome to OroCRM’s video tutorial series. This is Alex with OroCRM and today I’ll be demonstrating how to create and configure System Mailboxes in OroCRM.  

A system mailbox is a centralized box for emails that are not addressed to any specific person within a company. For example: a mailbox for support requests, for business inquiries, or for order support. You can create and use many different system mailboxes in OroCRM simultaneously. In addition you can control the list of OroCRM users who have access to these mailboxes, automatically convert emails into cases or leads, and set-up auto-response rules with email templates.

For this demonstration I will create a system mailbox to process business information requests and configure conversion to a lead.

To get started we first should navigate to System → Configuration. Next, click on Email configuration on the left in the General Setup menu. At the bottom of it you will see a section where you can create and configure a system mailbox. Click the Add Mailbox button in the right bottom corner. This will load the System mailbox configuration page.

The “General” section defines the basic settings of the mailbox created. Define a name of your Mailbox in the Mailbox Label field and type in your email address. Enter configuration details for connecting to IMAP and SMTP server for the mailbox.  This includes host, port, and encryption. Next specify the login username and password for this mailbox.


One the credentials and configuration fields are filled click the Check Connection/Retrieve Folders button. After successful connection a list` of available folders will be displayed. Check the Folders to be synchronized. In the Email Processing section you can choose what actions will be performed with all the emails received in the mailbox.

Out of the box three different actions are available.  This functionality can be expanded through customization to match your business’s unique requirements.

  • Do nothing. In this case no actions will be performed. Emails will be saved in the mailbox and can be accessed by those users with permission to do so.
  • Convert to Lead. Letters will be saved in the mailbox and a new Lead record will be created in OroCRM.
  • The same concept applied to Convert to Case. A new Case record will be created in OroCRM based on the email received.

Please note, that in order to have an option to Convert to Lead, you have already to have a Business channel activated. Otherwise, this option won’t be available in the list of options.


In our example we will choose Convert to Lead. Once selected, define which user will own the records and choose a source of your leads in a Source field. Please be aware that options in the Source field should be defined in advance. This can be done through the entity manager.


Next, in the Access management section, define which OroCRM users will have access to the mailbox. You can select roles and/or specific users. All the users with defined roles + all the specifically defined users will have access to this mailbox.

In the Autoresponse Rules section you can generate one or several auto-response rules.  These rules will determine which template is sent to the sender of the email. Now press Save. The system mailbox has been successfully created.

You can view and manage all the system mailboxes in the ‘system mailboxes’ grid, at the very bottom of ‘Email Configuration’ page.


Users with access privileges to the system mailbox can now view this mailbox by navigating to My User > My Email and selecting the system mailbox from the grid view selector in the upper left hand corner.

Thanks for watching! For more Tutorial videos please visit our CRM tutorial library.

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