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Cuantic Partners with OroCRM

February 14, 2017 | Oro Team

We’re delighted to introduce our new silver partner, Cuantic, an open source technology solutions company focused on both public and private sectors.

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cuantic provides multi-sized organizations – from national governments to city administrations and political parties – a wide spectrum of services in software and technology consulting including analytics, campaign automation as well as customization and implementation of open source projects.

Our partner has added a new dimension to the traditional CRM having transformed it into citizen relationship management and scaling it to large datasets. Cuantic are known for their high performance solutions implemented in healthcare industries, animal health and production, automotive, capital markets, electronics and high tech, financial services, freight and logistics, industrial equipment, media and entertainment.

Combining their business expertise with the powerful capabilities of OroCRM and OroPlatform, Cuantic has developed  a vertical solution aiming at delivering multiple channel communications and data collection for governments and political parties. This solution helps organizations  deploy a single platform connected with the backend and frontend systems to provide services and facilitate citizens and volunteers  communication.

We found in OroCRM a great tool and a very well designed software architecture. Any technology consulting project relies on the quality of the implemented product and the team, as soon as we saw OroCRM source code and we met the OroInc team, we immediately knew any project using it would be a success. Now that we have used it in many implementations, we have no doubt.” Alfredo Katzenstein, Sales Director at Cuantic says.

Oro Team believes that our new partnership will benefit the end users in the first place as they will enjoy innovative products developed by the top-ranked technology experts.

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