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Explaining Accounts, Contacts, and Customers Entities in OroCRM

August 7, 2016 | Oro Team

Welcome to OroCRM’s  video tutorial series.  This is Alex with OroCRM and in this video I will provide a short overview on how people and businesses are represented within OroCRM.

There are three types of records that represent customers and businesses in OroCRM. These are  Accounts,  Contacts, and Customers.

A Customer record represents your point of contact within a business channel.  The purpose of a Customer record is to track  the activities and records associated with a customer of a specific channel.

Customers involved in B2B activities are represented by B2B Customers records.  Records related to B2B Customers include Leads, Opportunities, and Sales Processes.  Activities include calls, email, tasks, and events.

Similarly, customers of your Magento store are represented by Magento Customers records.  These customers have Orders and Shopping Carts associated with them as well as activities like calls and emails.

A Customer record must be associated with an Account.  A contact is optional but recommended.

An Account record represents a company, household, or a group of people with whom you do business.

You can find account records in Customers > Accounts.

An Account record helps you to aggregate information on all activities related to  contacts and customers related to that account.  

When you open an Account you will note general information regarding the Account on the left as well as Contacts associated with this Account on the right. Many contacts can be associated with an account but only one can be the Default Contact.

Below, in the Activity Stream, you will see all activities associated with this Account and related to its Contacts and Customers.  Calls, emails, notes, and events will be aggregated into the Account Activity Stream.


B2B and Magento customers associated with an Account are displayed below the activity stream.

For Magento Customers – Magento Orders and Magento Shopping Carts are displayed in the right column

For B2B Customers, associated Leads and Opportunities are displayed also in the right column.

A Contact record represents a person and is located in Customers > Contacts

A Contact record contains personal information such as first and last name, address, telephone number, email address, birthday, and other related information.

In a Contact record you can see the Account or Accounts it is associated with.

To summarize our tutorial: 

A Customer record represents your point of interaction with your Magento store or your B2B team. The record stores all business activities transacted with your customer. A Customer record must be associated with an Account.

An Account record represents a company, household, or group of people with whom you do business. It stores and aggregates all activities transacted with the records related to it such as B2B or Magento Customers and Contacts.

A Contact record represents a person. The contact stores personal information and allows an OroCRM user to associate all points of interactions from many channels to a single person.

Thank you for watching.  Check out our other tutorials.


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